Tentative practice

Still at home taking it very easy. Apart from having to see the GP Nurse to getting the dressing changed on Wednesday, I havn’t been out. The surgery is healing well, though my arm is black and blue and still pretty tender.

I’ve been doing a practice of sorts every afternoon, lots of amending and trying to find things that work around not being able to push into my hands and wrist. I seem to be able to do most of standing, first side of UHP is a no no and the vinyasa into the Virabadrasana isn’t possible.

Seated are vinyasaless, I can’t find a way to do that, so I just go from one asana to the next, but spending longer in them, especially all the seated forward bends is getting the length back in the muscles even without any heat. I can’t do my favourite Supta Kurmasana , so instead I have been playing around with LBH. The left side I can do quite well and if I roll back I can hook the right foot fir Dwi Pada, but then I’m stuck like a Beetle on it’s back.

I can’t pull on my hand so Supta Konasana and the bum balances are impossible, though I can carefully do Supta Padang’

Backbends are where I deviate most from the programme, it’s so annoying not to be able to take advantage of being so light, though I did finally get the scales back over the 9st barrier today. Salabhasana and Ustrasana work best, obviously Urdva Dhanurasana is a while away, but I want to be able to work my back so it’s not rigid for when the time comes. I have started to add hang backs, going as far as I dare, it feels like it would be fine for a teacher to assist me down and straight back up.

I have been surprised at how much flexibility I have, I expected everything to be really tight, but poses like the Janusirsasana and Triang Mukha are as deep as ever. It’s binding that is an issue, if it’s easy like Mari A I’m fine but if it’s one where I need to stretch the fingers a bit and grab and cling on pulling through my arm then no way.

I think I’m being pretty sensible, yes there’s a first I can hear you saying, but it’s making me much more mindful of breath and bandhas, but at least it feels like a worthwhile 75 minutes on my mat, even if it is a bit disjointed and illegal

Back to Hospital tomorrow, with luck I won’t be staying this time


4 Responses to “Tentative practice”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    I don’t think even the most fundamental practitioner would call what you’re doing “illegal”. I know you asked for the mods but I really don’t have any illustrations for them. You just do Surya: Ekam, Dve, Trini, then instead of putting weight on your arms to jump back either place your hands against a wall and arch your spine away, as if you’re doing Upward Dog against the wall. Or if you can’t reach the wall or it hurts your arm, just stand in place and arch back with palms facing away from your chest. The you could do puppy pose variation to get length in your spine. The idea is to emulate the action of the UD/DD without the stress on your forearm. I’ve seen people with a broken wrist use this modification to stay on the vinyasa part. It’s actually not very easy but it keeps you on the counting and breathing sequence.
    Glad to hear you’re starting back. Sounds like it’s going, and that’s the bit that counts!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,

    I started to try and figure out a Surya, I ended up reaching up,then doing forward bend as usual, then just having the fingers touching the floor to arch the back and then came back up. My arm/wrist wont put up with lateral movements and especially moving the wrist upwards, its ok going forwards (making a fist) which is what the Hospital Physiotherapist told me to do. No way could I push against a wall, well not without a fistful of Codeine straight after.

    I physically feel better for doing it, even though its probably only 25% of the physicality of a proper practice. Will be interesting to see what Teacher lets me do on Sunday

  3. susananda Says:

    It is awesome that you’re getting on the mat and doing what you can, and as you see a lot of stuff hasn’t gone away! It’s sooooo frustrating dealing with an injury, but you never know what gifts it can bring. I suggest finding a shoulder opening series (like in Erich Schiffmann’s book for instance) and adding that in. Since you can’t put weight in your arms and the shoulder muscles will fade a little, why not use that time to really open the area and then hope that it stays? That could be great for when you are finally recovered!

    Also thanks for knowing not to speak to me about football this week. I MAY be ready over the weekend, not sure yet!!!!!

  4. Globie Says:

    Hi Susan
    I had been wondering about shoulder strength , I have carried on doing the bed hanging. Maybe you can give me some ideas on Sunday.

    I thought being so restricted would be more frustrating and may lead to giving the thing up until I was completely recovered, but discovering I can do quite a lot in reality has meant I have the enthusiasm to try and practice. It sure beats daytime TV!

    I thought of you when I went past MA’s Mansion the other day, half expected the Toon to have raised it to the ground!

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