Some answers, before oblivion

Back to Hospital today to have a check up on last weeks surgery. A very long morning waiting my turn, mainly because they insisted on doing it in an isolated room, the infection is gone, but I still feel like a plague carrier as they come at me in their yellow plastic aprons, gloves and masks! But the surgery is looking good, it hasn’t yet dried up, it’s still weeping, but the area is much smaller.

I was at last able to ask some questions, they told me exactly what they did and more importantly how deep they went. I wanted to know why, though my arm is looking good if still bruised, that its still so bloody painful doing that much, they said it’s down to the extent of the infection and subsequent surgery and the trauma that brought. They told me everything will come back to life, but its going to take a while, just to do the little exercise the Physiotherapist gave me and to let it heal, don’t push it, ok no downdogs or kitchen handstands I promise! I’m finally drug free, the tablets they sent me out on to replace the IV drips have been killing my stomach, so hopefully that can start to settle down now, also not having a needle shoved in it every night has been a bonus.



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