Highly modified

When I last left the Shala I had no idea it would be another 3 weeks until I would ring the bell and step through the orange door again and what would happen in the interval.I nearly shed a tear when the buzzer went and the door opened this morning. It feels like I have been on a long journey.

A welcome back hug from my teacher and a chat about the extent of my “injury”, though to be honest I mentally don’t see it as an injury as such, afterall I didn’t hurt myself.  She treated it as if I had sprained my wrist, a list of “Dont’s”, no Surya Namaskar, well except the very modified up and down one she prescribed, no vinyasas in seated, no UHP, Purvottanasana, Bhuja, Kukkutasana, Supta Konasana, bum balances, Urdva Dhanurasanas.

OK so what does that leave? Well more than enough surprisingly. I did about 20 of the modified Surya’s just to get my body warm, then managed to slowly go through standing, spending longer in the poses I can do. As expected Trikonasana B and Pariv Parsvakonasana were a problem as I couldn’t put my hand down, I can kind of put my fist down, but my arm pretty soon lets me know the limitations. Cary gently adjusting my hand position. A dyslexic Virabadrasana, not coming into it from Downward dog meant I managed to enter the wrong way round, oh well!

Seated feel strange without the vinyasas, it takes more effort for some reason to remember what comes next, I ended up doing a forward bend between poses and sides in lieu of a downward dog to feel like I was doing the next pose from an even place. Binding, unless it’s an easy one like Mari A are a definite no go, even finger touching on Mari B soon made me bail out, Mari C was another problem, you almost need the bind to help get the leverage, Cary told me to just twist and forget the bind. Mari D I abandoned. It’s typical though that there is nothing to stop me doing Navasana! I was actually surprised to break sweat, so decided after a couple of for fun LBH’s to try Supta K off the floor instead of my usual entry method, I managed to cross my feet, but no way for the hands, I think Cary thought about joining them up for me, but thought better of it. She came back to give me a wonderfully heavy squishing in Baddha Konasana.

I hadn’t intended to do Pasasana today, after all I hadn’t exactly done a full primary! But I just thought I’m going to try it just for fun, well I’m so skinny just now, (Despite a Mcdonalds last night), that I can easily finger touch on both sides, the only thing stopping a bind is the injured arm. I told Cary after and she laughed and said it does make it easier!

Backbends consisted of a cheaters Ustrasana (she was out of the room 😉  ), and then quite a few Bridges. I got bored with those so decided to stand up and do some hang backs, played around, but going nowhere near the edge and I was told after that Cary walked past me a few times, but she left me alone, suspect she was just making sure I was staying within the limits.

Closing is pretty possible, well if you discount the 10 second Sirsasana, I went up evenly but had to put more weight into the left side and that very quickly felt like a recipe for disaster, so came down sharpish, though at least I got the nice back manipulation in Balasana 🙂

A lovely long Savasana and somehow I had contrived to do a practice missing out loads that took nearly 2 hours without using my right hand! It felt like a worthwhile practice, my mind wasn’t jumping ahead to dropbacks and standing up, what I did I was present for and I suppose that’s the point!

My right arm and hand were complete passengers today and will be for the forseeable future. A friend who is a Nurse warned me yesterday that its not going to be a quick fix, having surgery on top of the infection means my body needs time, mentally accepting so many limitations is going to be a battle on its own.

But after practice it was wonderful to go off for breakfast with my Shala friends. It all felt like coming home safe after being lost and scared. The Shala extends far beyond the time we spend on our mats and I’m grateful to all the yogi’s who helped get me through these intervening weeks.


3 Responses to “Highly modified”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    I’m glad to hear you made it into town and saw Cary again. She definitely will be helpful in getting your practice re-defined for now. Remember: breath, bandhas, dristi. You still have it all! And the socialising is always good – you don’t have to modify that!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,

    Yes I really wanted to be back there, despite having to modify so much, I just feel so good when I’m in there, surounded by friends. Alas we only have Cary for 3 more weeks before her Maternity leave begins.

    The Sunday yoga Breakfast is the social highlight of my life!

  3. Pat Moore Says:

    Someone once told me that the hardest posture to modify is the ego!

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