AYL – much better practice

Well no chance of getting to YP this morning- I knew I was stuffed as the departure board had Delayed with no expected time, so I knew I would be walking round the corner, when i eventually did arrive. Surprisingly ,though the sign still said Delayed we saw lights emerge out of the merk and I was on my way.

My glasses steaming up as I tried to put the doorcode in, I can tell when I’m at AYL. delighted to see both Louise and Ruth on the other side and a spot in the corner in which to indulge my modified practice. R came for a quick chat before I started. It’s been too long since I have entered this door and been in this room.

A far more dynamic, though still semi vinyasa free, still slow practice. Surya’s without the upward dog element, but that’s a big step forward and 2 nice assists in DD taking the weight out of my hands into my feet. I have graduated to a 1/4 Vinyasa between sides and poses in seated. I did just about break sweat,normally at AYL I would be soaked, but without a really dynamic practice with proper Vinyasas it’s hard to maintain the heat once I sit down. I only had to miss out 2 postures in seated Purvottanasana and as usual Bhujapidasana, but worked out a way to do a semi vinyasa which helps keep the flow and focus. Quite a few more adjustments today, i felt like Lady Gaga this week breaking out of my shell. I only had to put in one extra Balasana after the Marichyasanas, lovely insist in Mari C from Louise, my bandaged arm was a passenger as she gave me a wonderful deep twist from my shoulders only. It was feeling nice to be gently pushed. Unlike the last few weeks I felt I had earned the right to play Pasasana, yeeeessssss, love my fingers getting almost together, only my arm stopped the bind on both sides.

After the usual little backbend bridges I tried pushing up onto my head to begin a tentative Urdva Dhanurasana, but after 6 weeks my shoulders really have lost a lot of strength, so after a couple of abortive attempts I stopped and stood up to play around at hanging back. Ruth was suddenly in front of me, I was aching to indulge a deep backbend, it’s what I have really missed. No i didn’t risk anything, Ruth did most of the work taking me down, touching down and coming straight back up. I couldn’t stay down and walk in, but I think she saw the grin on my face,the joy of doing a deep backbend when i came back up, it felt so good, even though Ruth did 75% of it.

Even the rest of closing feels different after another weeks rest and tentative practice at home. Sirsasana for about a minute. Little milestones, things I used to take for granted gradually coming back to the party.

The previous 2 Shala practices have been about opening up and just relearning the postures, finding energy and building stamina, but being pushed just a tiny bit today almost had the feeling of breaking out of my self imposed cocoon. If I had done a practice like this 6 weeks ago I would have been pretty disappointed, but today it felt really good and the progress in the last 7 days has surprised and delighted me. The stamina is coming back, the poses are coming back. Thanks to Ruth and Louise for gently encouraging me back to a more normal practice.

3 weeks to Kino,maybe just maybe if I’m careful I’m going to be able to do far more than I thought was going to be possible.


6 Responses to “AYL – much better practice”

  1. grimmly Says:

    Great you have this Kino gig coming up to help keep you motivated through the rebuilding of your practice. Good luck with the recovery but try not to rush it (that last bit as much to myself as to you).

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Grimm,
    Kino started as a target after the surgery, but I thought it would be too soon, after what the Doctors and Physio’s said and going by my physical state, I was seriously thinking about cancelling my place. I know I’m not going to be anywhere near fully fit, but I’m sure I’m going to be able to do a lot more than I thought when I left hospital 3 weeks ago.

    I didn’t expect today to be as food as it was. Hope you are taking it careful too.

  3. grimmly Says:

    Missed that. I thought you’d already booked the trip before all arm problems came up. Good idea though, even if your not at your best I’m sure it’ll be just what you need. I see winter as a kind of holding pattern as far as asana is concerned anyway. I don’t expect much progress in flexibility, just focus on the breath and see the cold weather out and hope I don’t pick up an injury, fail. By the time the warmer weather comes around here you should be back to where you were before the surgery and can move forward again. But then I suppose AYl and YP are steaming hot all year round, perhaps that only applies to home practice.

  4. globie Says:

    I had actually booked Kino, but was thinking of contacting them or seeing if someone else wanted my place. I actually got the confirmation in the post the day before the operation.

    Practice had progressed well in Sri Lanka and getting back to YP I had hopes of finally cracking the standing up thing, that is until the arm issue came up. Like you though most of my practice is in the chillier home Shala, it’s nice to get to YP or AYL to get some heat.

  5. daydreamingmel Says:

    Lady Gaga??! Yes like Grimm says take it easy, don’t go too far too fast – you have the rest of your life 🙂

  6. globie Says:

    Gaga came out of an egg at the Grammys!

    Rest day tomorrow, especially with going back to work. I’m trying to practice every 2nd day so I physically do not get too depleted.

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