Stamina for more progress

I really wanted to practice at YP today, the last Sunday before our teacher starts her maternity leave, but I thought I was never going to get there as I was met at the Station with a “Delayed” sign on the departure board. Eventually got into the city 8 minutes late, and as my practice is a bit shorter just now I figured I would go. A greeting wave from Cary as I came in.

Since last time I practiced with her I have added in Downward Dog, so she was able to give me a nice assist in my semi kinda Surya’s. Standing is not far from being back to normal, apart from still not being able to do any Upward Dogs. I can balance on my knuckles in the Trikonasana B etc, I can’t do reverse prayer in Parsvott, but the rest I can do, including today a better attempt at Prasarita Padot C, Cary pushing on my elbows instead of my dressing clad wrist.

Doing my 1/4 Vinyasa makes the practice flow more and feel more like how it should in seated, I am attempting more and only omitting Purvottanasana, Bhujapidasana & Titibhasana exit from Supta K, which is almost back I find to my great delight apart from the exit. Mari A-C all bound just and first side of D, major progress. Stamina is the biggest difference, today although I’m not jumping about like the rest of you I only had to dip into Balasana after Supta K, instead of after sets of poses. Upavistha balance is not quite straight legs as I just can’t quite pull on the wrist that much, same with Supta Konasana and the bum balances. The poses I can’t do and that feel a bit more time is required for are the ones where weight goes onto the wrists. I think my lack of Upward Dogs is hindering the backbends I am trying, today I did my little bridges and noticed someone had vacated a space by the wall, so decided to pick my mat up and try gentle hang backs and dropbacks on to the wall, so long as I am really slow going back I can kind of bounce off the wall and back up without pissing my wrist off at all. A proper drop back however still feels impossible, because I couldn’t trust the landing.

I had to put an extra layer of dressing on this morning as I had accidentally managed to knock off the scab overnight, but the extra protection allowed for my first proper Sirsasana in 6 weeks, I’m still a bit one sided, favouring the left side slightly but at least it didn’t hurt and I didn’t feel in danger of going over the top. And the reward was a wonderful back manipulation from Suyen in Balasana 🙂

I must not rush, I must not and am trying really hard to be sensible in the speed of my recovery and what passes for normality. I need to build back a lot of strength in the arm, which will not happen overnight, progress is slowly being made. Stamina and energy are slowly returning, but being back to work tomorrow I wonder if there will be any energy left to practice, last week I was asleep by 9pm every night. I will probably go for practice on alternate days to give my body recovery time. I’m certainly not as tired as this time last week.

I am glad I went to YP and gave me teacher a good luck hug as she embarks on producing the next generation of little forward bend squishers.


8 Responses to “Stamina for more progress”

  1. StEvE Says:

    If I had a hat on, I would take it off to you for doing such a great job of handling a recovery practice Kevin. It’s all good! All that oxygenated blood is getting to that wound, and must be speeding up your healing. Fan-bloody-tastic mate.

  2. Globie Says:

    Thanks Steve,

    Though maybe you should be wearing a hat in all the sunshine.

    Most things are back, its just weight bearing in the wrist that is a problem and my shoulders will have to get some strength back not having taken part for 6 weeks.

    Enjoy Mysore

  3. Pat Moore Says:

    I’d like to add that it sounds to me like it’s going very, very well, all things considered. Don’t forget to remind yourself of the things you CAN do versus what you cannot do at this time. It’s still coming back and I agree with Steve that doing what you can helps the flow of blood and other energy-giving, nourishing things in your body. Sounds like your routine is helping. Just rest when you need to.

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Pat
    It seemed to take a while to get going, but is still only 4 weeks since I left Hospital.I am doing more than the Doctors lead me to believe at this stage, but am now conscious of not getting over confident and trying to go beyond what my arm can do and the energy my body has. It’s a bit like starting yoga in that I have made some fast progress but the next part will take longer. My arm can do maybe 60% now and my energy stamina is about the same, but getting that 35-40% back will take at least another month or so.

  5. Maria Says:

    happy recovery is going well Kevin! well done 🙂

  6. globie Says:

    Thanks Maria, I’m getting there

  7. Ragdoll Says:

    From the outside, it does look like a quick recovery from hospitalisation and an operation! I’m sure it feels infinitely slower to you, I’m impressed by your patience.

    • globie Says:

      Hi R
      I have made progress, but my arm is quick to remind me I have a way to go if I try too much. This tiredness is frustrating, physical recovery is frustratingly slow, I’m still needing so much sleep, my mother is threatening to drag me back to the GP.

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