Upward dog fatigue

I haven’t done much practice since Sunday’s Shala practice, apart from an hour on Tuesday evening. It’s taking me a long time still to recover from doing anything much. My wrist is getting better with the aid of a Powerball, but although the wrist can do more it can’t do it for any longer and is very quick to let me know when it has had enough.

I wanted a worthwhile practice this evening so after swan diving into Surya A I thought I would see how Upward dog felt, bad move…. My wrist wasn’t ready for that, but I found that if I left my knees on the mat I could at least get a micro backbend going that felt like an Upward dog. It’s the movements in-between where I have to be really careful, the wrist seems to be quite happy in a static Downward dog, but moving the weight through the hand and wrist soon becomes uncomfortable and then achingly annoying.

Once into standing I’m ok until I get to UHP, pulling on the wrist while grabbing the toe is a 2 second half a breath trial that soon leads to abandonment. The front of my thighs were really aching as I dangled my foot out in front for 5 tortuous breaths.

Seated I wanted some heat and flow, as usual I had to leave out Purvottanasana and Bhujapidasana etc, but I can do most of the others including most of the binds up to Mari C. I ended up doing a vinyasa between sides and poses, with Kino coming up in a weeks time I need to get going a bit. The vinyasa now consists of lift legs straight in front, cross feet, step back, lower down into micro upward dog, downward dog, then step forward, sit down, next pose. I managed to plough through most of seated, taking the odd rest and realising in Baddha Konasana that I could do with a pedicure by Black & Decker sander, so many things just aching to be picked at!

I got as far as Pasasana before a wave of fatigue swept over me, I knew I was tiring, but I suddenly felt overwhelmed with tiredness, deciding to be sensible I just did Salabhasana and an Ustrasana before calling it a day.

I wasn’t quite shaking, but I wasn’t far off, my arms and wrists are still aching, I thought I was further along this recovery road than I obviously actually am. I have lost so much strength and stamina,especially in my arms and shoulders, my mind was taken back to my first yoga class when I left The Lifecentre totally wiped out, crawling up Notting Hill Gate virtually on hands and knees to the Mcdonalds for a milkshake. It’s becoming obvious now that next weekends Kino workshop may be a taking on a bit much, if my arms are aching and shaking now, what are they going to be like after 2 hours led primary, mysore practices and 2 afternoon workshops?

I was planning to do 2 Shala practices this weekend, I still am, I need to know what I can try and do the following weekend, but I may have to reign in my enthusiasm. If I don’t try and extend myself each time I practice it’s never going to come back, but what energy my body does have it seems to still want to use for physical recovery. Five weeks after I am still sleeping up to 12 hours and still struggling with appetite, I am probably eating enough for recovery but not for going to work and doing practice as well.


2 Responses to “Upward dog fatigue”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    It sounds like your version of vinyasas is quite good. Again, you learn so much when you modify even thought the ego doesn’t like it.

    YOU WILL BE FINE AT KINO’S! Remember, the important part is showing up. Keep sleeping now, you WILL be stronger.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,
    Well it’s certainly made me concentrate on the stuff I can do, the ego hates not doing backbends though, it took so much work to get them now I’m going to have to do it all again.

    Everyone says just show up at Kino’s and do what you can, the danger is like at the Shala where the heat, energy and good vibe lead me into doing more than I should be at this stage.

    Sleeping is no problem, I could happily go to bed when I get home at 5:15 and sleep until morning.

    Weekend at TLC with Michaela on Saturday with the reward of LPQ after and Sunday at AYL. doing 2 Shala days running is going to be a test of mind, body and knowing when enough is enough.

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