Not overdoing it now

Early train to TLC this morning, nice welcome back from the french lady on Reception asking where I have been the last 7 weeks. Michaela waiting in the Loft Shala, good to see her, she had been following the trials and tribulations of the last 6 weeks on FB. She had a view on why it happened, as I was her second student to be struck down by something we ought in the normal scheme of things be able to fight off. She reckoned that I like the other person are doing too much practice, wanting progress too quickly. I said to her that when I came back from Sri Lanka I was getting ever closer to standing up and am now frustrated with having to return to square one. “EXACTLY” she said, “You do workshops, go away to practice, spend loads of extra time doing backbends in your never ending quest to dropback and stand up”. She says I was just running myself down, not giving my body enough chance to recover, getting so low and when the lurgy struck instead of being able to fight it off, my body couldn’t do it and succumbed to the infection. M says she saw the same with the other person who was also to all intents and purposes a fit, healthy yogi, who was suddenly struck down after Christmas. M knows me well, with the small groups she works much more intensely with, compared to the usual larger mysore style classes, she knows my body well. She told me this was the wake up that maybe I need to be more careful with my practice and my life, to resist “wanting” poses so much and damaging my body ‘s ability to fight infections.
Lecture over on to my mat for a slow 2 hour practice, deep downward dog squishes. A very wobbly UHP that made the girl opposite me laugh, glad to bring a smile to someones face. Seated with my semi kinda vinyasa between poses and sides. A fantastic adjustment in Janu A, followed by a bound Mari D. No Bhuja, though my Navasanas seem to be stronger. Supta Kurmasana despite the restrictions I see I am the only one who can bind on their own, M came behind me then decided she didn’t want to pull my wrist so just pressed me down a little instead. Most of seated are possible now, they just need to be re refined back to where they were. Stamina is the problem, I think that was a withering look from across the room as I was in Balasana, a “take it easy don’t kill yourself kinda look”.

Despite my dressings M can never resist adjusting my Pasasana, I had done the first side, fingers almost touching, I thought after leaving me alone in Supta K she would just let me play, but no, she is still on a mission with this to get my feet down in the bind. “Again” came the instruction and she had me in a super bind with feet flat, felt great and didn’t hurt my arm, second side was even easier for her. I think she gets as much satisfaction out of it as I do.

A dip further into second series doing Salabhasana and Ustrasana, M doesn’t mind a bit of deviation, especially when there is a good reason and then a bit of dropping, hanging back playtime before a slow closing sequence and a very long Savasana, I’m sure the touch on my arm was to see if I was actually awake!

Nice to be back at TLC, I enjoy the small class with lots of help, the odd laugh and a great teacher. Though as expected as I left she told me to go to Kino, do what I can and just be happy with where you are and don’t worry about where you want or think you ought to be.

And the reward – round the corner to LPQ, note the healthy Apple juice accompanying the Raisin Danish !

3 Responses to “Not overdoing it now”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    What a luscious looking pastry – yum! Sounds like a good practice and with some advice that all of out here in the peanut gallery should take to heart. Remember David Swenson advises that we should look at our practice in terms of decades and not feel guilty about doing an 85% practice because that makes it more likely that we’re still yogis thirty years from now.

  2. susiegb Says:

    Oh I really like that quote from David Swenson! Ha ha – I might as well as my practice is pretty much one decade-long already (amazing!) and I haven’t got to the end of First yet …

  3. globie Says:

    Susie, it took me 14 years from my first ever yoga class to being given Pasasana so you have plenty of time

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