The good, the bad & the slowly improving

After practice and breakfast the rest of Saturday was eventful to say the least. I popped in the Apple Store to ask a question about my iPad, question answered I mentioned how annoying it was 2 weeks after buying mine to hear the announcement about IPad 2, cue Apple person talking to Manager offering me a refund on mine if I brought it back with it’s box, with the option to wait for the new one or to buy an iPad 1 again but at the new £110 discount price. I happened to still have the receipt with me and asked if they couldn’t just give me a credit or refund my one and sell it back to me at the new discount price, so I didn’t lose my Apps, more discussion and a “yes that’s a good idea” , I walked out a happy bunny 20 minutes later £110 better off.

After running the travel club I had booked a bed at a Hostel in Hammersmith because there were no trains yet again this morning. The confirmation said just bring a print out of the confirmation email when you check in. When I arrived they said I also needed to provide photo ID, in the UK it is not a legal requirement to carry any ID, I am not in the habit of carrying my passport around and my old driving licence doesn’t have a photo. I offered my EHIC, the credit card I booked with and my rail pass but they wouldn’t accept any of these and told me to leave the premises as my attitude was upsetting them, ho hum tossers, so 9pm I am wandering around Euston trying to find a place to stay or plan B getting the train home and abandoning Sunday yoga which I really didn’t want to do. So much for Premier Inns Lenny Henry £29 a night TV advert, £140 you are having a laugh! But the polish guy there told me a place that’s cheaper a few minutes walk away, just a 5 minute walk from AYL, luckily they had a room still, though at twice the price of the Hostel.

THE SLOWLY IMPROVING – New take on Pasasana
So after a night near Tavistock Square and some Muesli breakfast it was a short walk to AYL, Louise and Tania in charge of my practice today. First time in 7 weeks I have done 2 Shala practices in a row and I was a bit apprehensive about my ability and stamina. I started off with my modified Surya, but on the 2nd one I forgot myself and went into Upward Dog finding my wrist and forearm could stand it, woo hoo, I couldn’t do it yesterday but today I could. I slowed my Surya’s down so that I could place my hands and keep doing up dogs .

Standing is feeling better, even compared to yesterday’s practice I could feel some extra length. The Shala wasn’t busy so got quite a lot of help today once seated began. Again poses like the Janu’s felt easier today, binding beyond my feet, I could go with the assist from Tania in Triang Mukha today instead of resisting, she was prodding my neck to make me relax. My problem is still stamina and energy, after binding the first side of Marichyasana D I was suddenly tired and flagging, it’s like hitting a wall at the minute. I mentioned this to Louise after and she said reckoned like others that my body is using the energy predominantly to heal the surgery leaving not much for anything else let alone practice, she told me just not to worry and be patient. She’s not the first to tell me this, so it must be right. I was glad of the assist in Baddha Konasana I didn’t have the energy to go forward. Rest of seated are a slog.

I wanted to do Pasasana after Michaela’s super assist yesterday though and did the first side not realising Tania was behind me watching. Before I got to try the 2nd side she came to give me a new way of trying to get into it. Although I can’t squat and bind she got me to sit down and get a deep twist before coming up into the squat and trying to bind, she bound both sides easily. I’m going to have to experiment with this, it seems worth persuing. Good when a different teachers gives a different take on a posture.

Closing Urdva Dhanurasana like Bhuja is still a pose too far for the recovering surgery,so just some bridges today before some hang back experiments. That was my plan at least but L came along and did assisted drop backs bringing me straight back up, but they felt good and it’s keeping the muscle memory for when I can do it on my own again.

So as a test for next weekends workshop with Kino, I think if I take it slowly I should be ok as far as most of the asanas are concerned, but I am worried about my stamina and energy still. Finding the requisite amount of energy to heal, recover, live ,work and practice Ashtanga is a problem. But slowly very slowly things are improving.


2 Responses to “The good, the bad & the slowly improving”

  1. susananda Says:

    ‘..she was prodding my neck to make me relax. My problem is still stamina and energy…’

    You know I’m one of the neck prodders, when I get the chance. I can imagine you with your neck and shoulders bunched up tightly and at times a grimace on your face. Do you know how much energy that consumes?? I’d so love to see you practice in a SOFT way, without worrying about depth in the postures….. that’s going to be the only way through the Kino weekend for you… why waste all that energy feeding the clenching muscles around your neck??

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Susan

    I actually remember thinking that’s what Susan does when Tania was prodding! Don’t think I was grimacing.

    I am going to have to be SOFT, though when Kino is telling us it’s good to ache and have legs that burn, resisting the temptation to push that bit harder will be difficult.

    I practised Monday night and was wiped out after standing, 3 days running not quite ready for that. 

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