Purvottanasana – but still wiped

I took Monday off after the double Shala practice over the weeekend. I am torn this week between doing practice in the hope that I will get more from this weekends workshop, or alternatively resting this week so I actually have some energy to do the workshop. Work + Practice = Shattered Globie.

My arm is getting stronger, even if my stamina and fitness levels are woefully under what they used to be. I decided to try a tentative Purvottanasana last night, well I could stay up for about 3 breaths, but that is 3 breaths more than I could manage at the Shala on Sunday. By the time I got to Mari B I had to decide whether to just do the poses and forget the vinyasas or do vinyasas until I finally ran out of energy. I went for just doing the postures, so at least I did them all.

I played around with Tania’s new Pasasana method, it’s good and would have been much better if I had been Shala hot and bendier, I could have bound both sides I reckon.

My arm where the surgery took place is getting stronger, its other areas in the vicinity that are a problem. I had a couple of goes at Urdva Dhanurasana, first one I pushed onto my head then just about got off the ground with very bent elbows. Second attempt was slightly better, I managed to push my arms a little straighter, but I had to come down for 2 reasons, only one of which I can understand. My upper arms were shaking, I have lost so much strength I can hardly believe it, I understand this because my arms have done virtually nothing for 7 weeks now.The other reason I had to bail out was pain in my wrist and surprisingly across the top of my hand, just below the wrist, what the hell is that about? The surgery is about 4 inches up the forearm, nowhere near the hand, I can kind of understand the wrist being a little weak, but why the top of my hand. It was much more than discomfort and I know when it’s time to get out of there.

After the abortive UD’s I played around dropping back on to the door, my back has the bend and I reckon I could do a dropback again now, but absolutley no way could my wrist/hand/arm stand the landing.

So a decent practice, which had taken me 90 minutes, the rest of closing left by the wayside in favour of a Paschimottanasana and Savasana, I’d had it and I knew it.

The effects of the effort seem to last, I woke after another marathon 10 hour sleep this morning, but the problem is I am not refreshed, I still feel shattered, really tired, I walked into a filing cabinet this morning and I’m just not with it, making silly mistakes at work, nothing drastic and easily corrected, but still errors I would never usually make.

Louise’s comment about my body using all its energy to heal the surgery is ringing true. When will my body start to recover physically, I can’t believe how long its taking to start to feel like I have some energy. My GP said to expect it to take time and though I didn’t expect to suddenly wake up one day and be back to normal, I have been expecting some kind of incremental improvement in my physicality, but its not happening.


10 Responses to “Purvottanasana – but still wiped”

  1. Ragdoll Says:

    Sorry to hear about this continued weariness, it must be very frustrating. If I were you, I’d definitely be skipping vinyasa and focusing on the poses – the stretching out and maintaining strength, even if you don’t have to energy to get it back up to where you were before.

    Now we need an anatomy expert to come on and tell us the link between the operation site and the pain on the top of your hand . . .

  2. globie Says:

    Hi R,
    Need a physiologist or whatever to explain the weariness and how I can get the energy and stamina back. Then an Anatomist to explain the hand, though I suspect it could be the loss of strength in the upper arms.

  3. susiegb Says:

    Purvottanasana – one of my least favourite poses! Always glad to have a (real) excuse not to do it … 🙂

  4. Globie Says:

    Ha ha Susie, yep Purvottanasana down there with Navasana!

  5. Maria Says:

    yuck yuck yuck I really really dislike purvottanasa and have been known to skip it “accidentally on purpose” on a few occassions 🙂

    BTW Kevin, myself and a yoga buddy, (based all the way away in the philippines) are doing a 40 day yoga challenge 🙂 is any combination of or one of asana, pranayama, meditation each day for 40 days ( to co-incide with Lent – the old Catholic guilt kicks in every year around now! – I’m not religious, but this is something I cant seem to shake off!). Lent traditionally is a time when people give something up for the 40 days before Easter; like chocolate or alcohol or whatever; but its also supposed to be a time for reflection and contemplation….

    Anyways – maybe you’d like to join in???
    Or anybody else either???


  6. globie Says:

    Hi Maria
    Every time I accidentally try to skip Pursvottanasana I seem to get spotted!

    I’m not religious but sounds like a plan for 40 days to try and do something every day, when does it begin? BTW Is that JC in the Philiipines? I will join you, just tell me when to start. I’m loathe to give anything up, especially chocolate as I am so weak at the minute. I’m going to need every ounce of energy I can find this weekend with Kino.

  7. susananda Says:

    Well, the tendons on the top of the hand which move the fingers do run right under the site of the surgery, you know, they don’t just appear out of nowhere. That’s the area I had trouble with recently on my right hand. It’s a bummer, but not surprising I would say.

    Please take it easy at Kino’s workshops and try to get a moment to consult with her about this stuff, I’m sure she will have some good advice.

    Oh and chocolate does not give you energy! You may love sweets but please stop pretending they are health food!!

  8. globie Says:

    Hi Susan
    Ok that makes sense as it’s the right hand , another frustration on the recovery road

    I will try and talk to Kino before we start, but expect it go be busy as they phoned me up to give me a registration time. I just hope to have the energy to enjoy the weekend.

    Nah I’m sure chocolate provides energy, Mars (unbattered) a day helps you work, rest & play as the advert used to say

  9. Maria Says:

    It is JC!!!
    We’ve started – today is day 3 – so u can do the 37-day Challenge 🙂

  10. globie Says:

    Small world!
    Well 6pm I’m doing the centres led primary, then 36 to go 🙂

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