Kino in Edinburgh – crash & burn at Janu A

It’s great to practice with Kino again, she has an energy and enthusiasm that rubs off on everyone. I actually arrived in Edinburgh on Friday and did the local led primary last night just to stretch, the teacher omitted a few poses, so it felt relatively easy.

We woke to snow this morning, so a slippery walk to the Shala, a few familiar faces from London and Jersey, then Kino came and asked about the surgery and my recovery, told her my restrictions, she just said take it easy and do what you can.

I had forgotten how slowly she can count! She did give me a brilliant squish in downward dog though. Standing felt ok, then we hit seated and for me a brick wall at Janu A, I went to do the vinyasa between sides and my arms gave way, narrowly avoiding nose splat. I had been going well up to that point, careful Upward dogs in the vinyasas, even if i was a bit behind everyone else and at one point i almost forgot myself and went to jump through.It was a bloody long practice after Janu A, I just didn’t have the energy and I struggled too much for it to be doing me any good. My disappointing bridges while everyone else played multiple Urdva Dhanurasana. Savasana was heaven.

Warming up

Doing Kino’s led primary has really shown up how far I have to go until recovery is complete. Comparing today’s with the one back in September, well there is no comparison, my Deltoids have lost any strength they had and my general energy and stamina levels are still much lower than I thought they were. I came into the practice just to be there, to enjoy the energy and no expectations, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed to crash at Janusirsasana.

Waiting to start

Before we began the afternoon she asked me how the morning went, I explained I had run out of energy and dragged myself through. Guess what she said “No problem, don’t worry it will come back”

This afternoon we did a workshop about Agni or should that have read agony! Anyway it was interesting stuff finding our pubic, tail and sit bones, to get the internal lift that should make jumping back and Uth Plutihi easier. Kino said doing a hard Uth Plutihi actually makes for a better Savasana. We did partner work doing UHP with a hand in the lower stomach to make us go up and over more. Then breathing exercises, in Padmassana she told us to get all the air out on the exhale.

I have notes I must write up in a coherent way while I can still decipher my shaking hand scribble, I always take something from Kino, I enjoy her teaching.

Tomorrow morning it’s Mysore practice, hopefully plodding along at my own pace will make it more doable, I don’t want to crash and burn at Janu A again. I’m kinda worried now,thinking the afternoon backbends workshop will be beyond me.


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