Kino in Edinburgh – Mysore & backbends – No problem all coming!

After the killer led primary and Agni it was Mysore practice on Sunday morning, much better for me. I was worried about crashing and burning again, so took it really slowly, to the point that the yogini who was next to me was on closing as I did Marichysana A! It was far better, having the practice back within my control, my own pace, much less of a trial both mentally and physically. A nice squish in Downward dog and Padahastasana and PPC, left to plough on by myself until seated, before help in Paschimottanasana and Triang Mukha. Having time meant I managed all the the Mari’s though couldn’t quite bind the second side of D. Bhuja was a faff, with my feet on the floor, but Supta K was fun, I am back to being able to cross my feet, but am still only tantalisingly close with the hands, Kino coming to the rescue to bind me up, shouldn’t be long before I can do that on my own again. 🙂

After a comment by H at dinner I decided to try Urdva Dhanurasana against the wall, I wanted to see if the backbend workshop was going to be viable. After a few warm up bridges and a visit to Reception to borrow their sellotape to rebind the dressing on my wrist, I tried to tentatively push up and on the 2nd attempt managed to straighten my arms, progress of a kind. Enough of that, I had picked a spot with some wall, specifically to play drop backs against. Some nice back bends playing around, I didn’t expect help, but Kino arrived and asked if I wanted to have a go, explaining to her that landing is a bit iffy and the need to come straight back up, “No problem, you got it, down and back up” she said, some nice deep bends, yay that was good, another tick on the recovery road.

Surprisingly I wasn’t wiped out and shattered as I was during and after the led primary, just nicely tired, a nice 3 hours in the local Ashtanga hang out cafe eating baguettes and Pain au Raisins before the afternoon workshop.

Backbend workshop
I kind of knew what to expect, lots of leg work, kneeling stretching the quads, pressing into the toes before even attempting to bend backwards. Lots of advice about technique, great for me coming back to backbends after 7 weeks off. Lots of Kino gems of wisdom, such as “fear in backbends may be fear of emotional release and not physical difficulty”, “backbends are about creating space between the joints not compressing and causing pain, hips need to be open so the pelvis can move forward and stop pinching in the lower back, also stretch in the Psoas is crucial element”.

You can fly too , No problem!

We then started bending over backward using 2nd series poses increasing in difficulty, though Kiino has a way of making the ones that are relatively easy feel hard, Salabhasana lifting the knees then the hips, raise the sternum, look up ( mind going shit how much longer?). Ustrasana I like, always been a fan of that one as I do it quite a lot at home. Then Laghu Vajrasana which after partner help I found quite easy to come up from on my own, my legs seem to be about the only bit of my body which hasn’t lost all it’s strength. Kapotasana is hard, much further away from that since the last time I tried it with Kino. We didn’t do Urdva Dhanurasana or dropback which was wonderful, my wrist didn’t have to do any work at all. I learned a lot, refining backbends now I’m coming back to them after a lay off, hopefully I will do them with better technique and won’t piss off my Piriformis. Having been fearful about doing the workshop I ended up getting a lot out of it, I didn’t have to leave anything out and lots of good ideas which I hope I remember when my teacher is standing in front of me with that “Just do it!” look on her face. Her final gem after asking if we were aching? “aching not pain, all good, all is coming”.

After practice visit to a health food store, H taking over from Susan and Mel in trying to improve my dietary habits! I came out with a bag of granola and some nuts, well it’s a start!

Monday Mysore practice
Not even crack of Dawn, it was pitch dark and too cold for my liking as I walked to the Shala at 5:45am for 6am start. Only 20 people there today, after 70-80 over the weekend. Found a spot next to the Radiator. A different atmosphere today, much quieter, more focussed, less manic, serious Ashtangi folk only. I could feel the weekends practice starting to catch up with me, I cut down to 3 Surya B’s today lest my Deltoids quit on me. Padahastasana squish but no PPC today, though some hard work assist in Utkatasana, my arms have a mind of their own as Cary knows! Slowed down again in seated trying to be precise with my hand position in the vinyasas so that my wrist and arms would last longer, I just knew it would be more of a struggle today. Just a hip prod in Janu A and again having time gave me good Marichysana, especially C, deep twist without having to pull my wrist. Navasana I started to run into energy deficit, not as bad as in the led class, but I had to slow down some more and resist the temptation to run for the finishing line, crawling over it would have to do. I tried Bhuja again today, but only by keeping my feet down, my wrist is getting stronger, but certain angles when bearing weight it really doesn’t like and the pain transfers to the top of my hand. Supta K bound again with a nudge from Kino, I thought she had gone, but she has a way of creeping up on you. Kino had help from Bruce today, so when I got to Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana he was behind me, though he’s a strong guy and I’m a lightweight which meant his supporting foot shot me sliding across my mat!

Shala at 5:45am

Pasasana playtime, remember it was Kino who gave me this pose in Thailand last year. I have added Tania’s entry system to get the deeper initial twist before rising to attempt the bind. Again I didn’t know Kino was watching behind as I played around, a knee in the back gave me an inkling that help was at hand. “what can I touch?” she asked referring to my strapped wrist, told her sides and top are fine, just don’t push underneath, her usual “No problem” and she had me bound, brilliant both sides, good binds too once I got the grip. She says it’s coming, well all is coming according to Kino, but she gives you the enthusiasm and encouragement to keep trying even when something seems impossible. As she said “just keep sending the signal”, “send the signal for at least 6 seconds to the muscle or whatever and the response may eventually happen”.

After that lovely Pasasana moment it was time for backbends, time to try and remember and put into practice all that we learned the day before. Started with some bridges then moved my mat ro the wall, I thought it worth carrying on with H’s plan, managed to push up and try and move my chest towards the wall, that went well so decided after 7 weeks to try a proper Urdva Dhanurasana, hooray well for about 3 or 4 seconds I was up with almost straight arms before my hand and wrist said that’s enough. By this time lots of people were waiting for backbend help, i watched a stunningly good holding her ankles backbend by H. I was working hard and getting a decent hang back bend until I went a bit too far and ended up being forced into an unintentional dropback, I had to stick my hands out to save my head, as you can imagine my wrist was less than impressed, resulting in a lot of vigorous rubbing of hand and wrist, but at least I landed it. I decided not to hang so far with the next one, then realised Kino had her hands on my hips, I looked and got the “keep going” look and she did 3 down and ups with me. I have lost a lot of strength in some areas but backbends if I could trust my wrist would be back in a few days if I could do them, I am getting a far deeper bend from standing and trying to remember the sternum up techniques, no pinching or anything.

Savasana by the Radiator, almost falling asleep, until I heard Kino telling someone to crawl the fingers in Kapo. After being worried about the wisdom of coming to this weekend so soon after all that has happened, I managed a lot more than I expected, maybe the led primary was a bit much but once into Mysore it was good and the individual workshops were different and interesting. So to all of you who said just go and enjoy it and dont push, it you were right. Loved being here and good to catch up with a few people too. It feels like a little leap forward.

So after all that yoga it was time for a reward, a wonderful strong massage before getting the train home. Lovely Miss Elliot painfully kneeded and battered my ITB’s and calf muscles, she crunched the knots out of my shoulders before using heat on my back, heaven, never known an hour to go so fast. Though she warned me to walk and stretch the calfs otherwise they may seize up!


4 Responses to “Kino in Edinburgh – Mysore & backbends – No problem all coming!”

  1. susananda Says:

    Hurray! So glad you got something out of it, sounds great (although I was mentally scolding you on the accidental dropback!!). Don’t worry about the led… her led primary is hard core and one would certainly want to be 100% for it, haha….

  2. globie Says:

    Ha ha mental scolding of accidental dropback, I could hear you in Bhuja as well! Hard core Kino’s led primary certainly is, being only about 60% fit it nearly killed me.

  3. StEvE Says:

    Thanks for sharing Kevin. The back bending session sounds like it was intended as a tribute for your healing wrist.

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Steve
    Kino said at the outset of the backbend workshop not to expect to do Urdva Dhanurasana, dropback or stand up if you can’t already do it. It was much more about technique and setting the foundations for safe backbends. I was delighted that my wrist didn’t have to stress itself.

    Congrats on Krounchasana

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