Snakes – that is the Dark side

Must be the enormously beautiful full moon that’s bringing out the dark side. Apparently 5 ships ran aground on the UK coastline over the weekend because of the low tide caused by the full moon. Then this morning I’m flicking through the paper and come across an article about a new yoga class being offered in London, “Snake Yoga“, stemming from the Kundalini tradition, though reminded me more of Solitaire in the James Bond film!

Enforced day at home yesterday, thanks to the train strike, but surprisingly I found the energy and focus to knock out a half decent full primary in the upstairs sunshine. Though the previous days Marichyasana D on the second side went missing, oh well you can’t have everything.


6 Responses to “Snakes – that is the Dark side”

  1. susananda Says:

    Snake yoga – ridiculous! Any gimmick to get a niche market….

    Glad you had a decent practice at home.

  2. globie Says:

    That Alchemy place in Camden, they seem to have all the gimmicks!

    Missed being at the Shala yesterday though.

  3. susiegb Says:

    Snake yoga?! ha ha – I see a huge sign for Bonfire Yoga every day on my way to work – can only assume it’s some kind of Bikram yoga! The letters must be 4m high … !!

    And re the missing MariD second side – just be thankful that you can get one side! Unlike others of us … 🙂

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Susie
    You should post a photo of that bonfire yoga!

    The twists are my thing so I’m a bit annoyed at not to be able to get back to doing Mari D every time I practice.I’m sure you will get it.

  5. ragdoll Says:

    Clearly, all the cool yogis are losing Mari D these days. For me it’s the first side that just isn’t playing.
    And I am LOVING practicing in the sunshine again.

    • globie Says:

      Never been called a Cool yogi before LOL. Mari D on the first side is usually no problem, it’s side 2 where my knee objects to the Lotus and my recovering arm doesn’t like rubbing the leg.

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