Lurgy lingering longer

since I practised at the weekend it’s been a steady downward curve on the practice and energy fronts. I practised Monday and Tuesday managing less each evening. Wednesday I was just shattered when I got home, I laid on the bed at 8:30pm for a little rest and the next thing I know it’s 7:30 the next morning! Thursday I did half primary and some backbends, but only did a vinyasa between poses and not sides. It still took me 90 minutes. There have been other fatigue signs like making silly errors and walking into a filing cabinet I knew was there, along with bigger hints like being totally wiped out and struggling to catch my breath.

Although I am back to eating at pre lurgy level and am back to my normal weight I am still so devoid of energy, to the point that my mother was begging me to see the GP. I put this off, after all I was told to be prepared for it to take a few weeks for normality to return. But last night I was again yawning and after more coercion I finally gave in and made an appointment to see the Doctor this evening. GP admitted that perhaps her 6 week estimation was a bit on the hopeful side, but was based on my previous good health, yoga, non smoker, non drinker etc. 

My main worry is that there is some underlying something that allowed the infection to take hold and that is now still there stopping my recovery. Blood tests are now booked for next week, eeeek ouch!

She said in years gone by I would have been sent to convalesce, rest, sun, but in the 21st century it’s about getting tax payers back to work. I had 3 weeks off when I escaped from Hospital and felt fit enough to return to work. Driving a computer isn’t physically hard, but as she says just having to concentrate, being constantly on it and the general stress of work all take their part of the precious energy reserves my body wants to use to recover. 

She said I have been doing the right thing, taking Probiotics , doing practice every few days, having massage, sleeping, i asked about yoga, is it too much, having explained I have gone from 6-7 days practice pre surgery to every 2nd or 3rd day now. She said so long as I hadn’t just tried to pick up where I left off it’s fine, it’s definitely a good thing, even if it leaves me tired. The main reason for my body still wanting to sleep anything up to 12 hours is that work and the stress of work is not giving my body enough rest during the day, whether I do practice or not later in the day makes no difference if the working day has already consumed all the potential healing energy to get through the day. She suggested the company cut back my hours, yes I can imagine what kind of reaction that suggestion would get! 

As well as the probiotic I am taking she said I probably need a multivitamin to help things along ( anyone know a good one a High St chemist would have?) But unless the blood tests come back with something amiss it’s just going to be a longer process than I or she envisaged 6 weeks ago, maybe as long as another couple of months. It’s purely fatigue from the infection which took my body to zero, she reckons I’m back to about 40-50% now. But at least she said do your yoga, its not doing any harm, so tomorrow at TLC I will be on my mat. And will follow with croissants and tea.


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