TLC – Mari D & drop backs return

Thanks to yet more action by ASLEF tomorrow I had to get my practice in at The Lifecentre today instead. As I probably mentioned before I like The Lifecentre, it was the first place I ever practised and The Loft is cozy and Michaela is a great teacher, so it’s no hardship, just makes things a bit more expensive than I had hoped this month with higher Shala costs and extra tube fares.

Only 6 students this morning so lots of help in the right places, Michaela seems to know when to arrive, not necessarily perhaps when I want it! I had mentally lowered my expectations for practice after the GP appointment last night and the news that my infection fatigue recovery is set to take much longer than expected. And what happens when you surrender to a fact like that? Well obviously you get a much better practice than you expected. I did cut it back to 5 & 3 Surya’s today so that I in theory would last longer. Deepest Prasarita C assist in 2 months, way longer than 5 breaths as M could feel me releasing more and more and just kept going, no pain in the wrist with this one now.

I felt OK when I reached seated, so after listening to the newbie next door getting a jump back lesson I decided to see if my wrist would acquiesce to a jump back, and so long as I set up right with wrists parallel and fingers pressing I can do it. This lasted until Triang Mukha when the wrist was still willing but I knew I wouldn’t last if I kept expending that much extra energy. After a nice squish in Mari A I knew the others would be there today including Mari D on the second side, I had bound myself but M came along to make a better join and deeper twist.

I definitely had a what happens happens attitude today, just to try and be present, try and remember breath and bandhas, but to enjoy it, it is what gets me through the week after all. So Bhujapidasana rolls round and finally after all this time I can get the weight into my hands and lift my feet, though the exit is yet to reappear, exit by ignominious bum role. Supta K is BACK bound both ends, hands tightened by a little assist, though another no quite as it should be exit, leaving me in a sweaty heap on my face as I tried the vinyasa. This is the point where I was seriously flagging and running out of chi, maybe I should have stopped for chai! Luckily Baddha Konasana and Upavistha are poses I can kind of take a rest in, hanging out in the forward bends until I got my equilibrium back, though I could see M’s feet and hear her mind thinking “he’s been in that pose a while!”

Pasasana is getting better I am so close binding the first side now using the deeper twist Tania entry method, had 3 goes on each side before Michaela came along and had me bound with feet flat.

Urdva Dhanurasana with the wall and then a couple on my mat, but this is still a little too much in terms of energy coming at the end of practice when I’m already in deficit and pushing that weight off the floor isn’t something my wrist likes, though once I’m up I can now stay for a few breaths. But it doesn’t feel like a backbend because in my mind it’s about my wrist, arms and shoulders. Hang backs and dropping down the wall feel much more like it, after a few getting lower and lower down the wall I started just hanging back at the front of my mat when I suddenly realised the floor looked a bit closer than of late, so I stuck my arms out and managed to land quite safely. OK it may have looked more like a knee bend towards the end but it was good to do an intentional one after the unintentionally painful one I did at Kino’s. I decided to try that again, I think all the stuff we did at the workshop some of it must have sunk in, I managed to land again and walk in a tiny bit, but figured that was enough and lowered down before my wrist decided to get in any protests. The reward was the the best Paschimottanasana squisher in London flattening me into the ground while kneeding my neck and shoulders at the same time, not sure how many arms and hands M has!

I will admit I was pretty tired by this point, Vinyasas were taking longer, I kept needing a little rest before pushing into upward dog, but there was no way I wasn’t going to make it to the end before a 15 minute Savasana.

Practice is coming back, even if life in general is still leaving me exhausted and frustrated. But it was actually a really nice practice, even if I know that I did some crap exits and only jumped back and forward for a few postures, but safely landing a dropback felt great.

A nice compliment on the way out from a new student who has only done led classes, it was her first Mysore style and she practised opposite me this morning, she said ” You have a lovely practice”, it was the first time she had seen it done all the way through. I could find lots of faults with it, but she saw what was good and maybe that’s what I need to do to, thanks Joanna.


4 Responses to “TLC – Mari D & drop backs return”

  1. Openingslowly Says:

    Random Q but do you think there is a place to put a Brompton inside the life centre?

    – Could really make it on Saturdays then…

  2. Maria Says:

    hi kevin
    Hope you’re feeling better – this is really a comment for your last post.. but anyhoo – if your not a vegetarian, I’d recommend Pharmaton as good multi-vitamin to take. The capsules are humongous, but the effects are pretty good.
    mega high dose Vit C ( like 1000mg) and a multi B Complex taken with or after food once a day for a month should also help. Taking both together means they work better I think…..

    I’m just in the office after may morning so-called practise – got to Maricy D and that was it… wiped out!!
    Now drinking a HUGE coffee 🙂

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Maria
    Thanks for the information, I ended up getting a multivitamin with Iron, but when that tub is empty I will go to the Nutri Centre Michaela recommended. I am attempting to drink more Apple and Orange juice to get the Vit C.

    As the GP said I just need to get good rest and not just sleep, but I got home last night, managed a full if very slow practice and them slept for 11 hours again. Even after all that sleep I don’t feel rested this morning. See if Fridays blood test shows anything up.

    I’m drinking my 2nd litre mug of tea

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