i didn’t know what it stood for either until 10:30 this morning when the practice Nurse started sticking a very long needle into my left arm and pulling out what felt like gallons of my nice red blood. She was taking the Full Blood Count that my GP had ordered to try and find out why I’m still so tired and feel wiped out most days. Apparently the test is going to look at a long list of potential reasons for my continued poor state including Anaemia, red & White cell count, platelets ( whatever they are), B12, Iron, Folic acid among other things. Well it gives them plenty of scope to find something, though it may just be that my body needs time and TLC and not intervention. I don’t mind needles in general, the Hospital stuck plenty in me, but I think the Nurse could see the colour draining out of me after the 3rd vial, so didn’t let me escape until the colour returned. I have low blood pressure which doesn’t help my cause with things like this either.

Double Shala this weekend, TLC tomorrow with M and Sunday a new Mysore teacher at TY , just hope I survive it!


6 Responses to “FBC”

  1. susiegb Says:

    Platelets are what make your blood clot. If you are low in platelets then you bruise very easily, and if you have a cut or something it’d take ages for the blood to stop running out … Pretty useful ! 🙂

    Here endeth the blood lesson as I know it!!

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks Susie, they sound useful things to have!

  3. Ragdoll Says:

    Do you have a long wait now for the results? A friend has problems with processing/storing B12, I don’t know the cause but the symptoms were tiredness and low mood/depression – she now has injections every so often, and she feels infinitely better. Hopefully you’ll be told to take some iron or similar, and that will be that!

    And you’ve reminded me I haven’t given blood for a very, very long time. Like you I often have low blood pressure, so really do need to have a long sit down (and a free packet of biscuits!) before I try to walk anywhere after losing too much of the stuff.

  4. Globie Says:

    Hi Rosy
    I have to call them on Wednesday, then GP will know if I just need time or whether I need something extra. I am taking extra Iron in the multivitamins.B12 comment is interesting as I was tired before all this started & often felt low, so could be something in that.

    I grabbed some chocolate on the way back, knowing about the low blood pressure now explains quite a lot

  5. V Says:

    Out of curiosity/noseyness, who is doing Sunday at TY?

  6. Globie Says:

    Eileen gautier

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