Fun loving criminal!

A completely criminal yoga weekend, not only did I practice on Saturday i crossed to the dark side and practised on the Sunday Moon day as well, along with some other usually AYL & YP observant yogis I might add. Ashtangi Jail here I come, no passing “Go”, no  collecting 200 good Karma points for me! But with this Sunday strike business on the train non service into the city it’s a case of practising when, where and with whoever, when I get the chance.

Saturday at TLC with Michaela, just 4 people, it’s like a private class looking over the roof tops. For the most part M left me alone apart from the usual standing assists of PPC & UHP. Parsvottanasana M reckoned my hips are not level and when she had levelled them it felt wrong, but there is no way of knowing without a mirror. Supta K as usual just needed a tighten and for the first time in 2 months I could exit into Titibhasana, but couldn’t get back, my wrist seems happy with static weight, but it won’t put up with weight transferring through it. Of the 4 students, three of us knew what we are doing, last weeks L-plate yogini came again and was getting lots of help, which meant I could play backbends until I got to the point of being able to do proper dropbacks, though I should have known better than to think M hadn’t still got an eye on the rest of us. I landed 4 which was pretty good, but M reckoned just as I land my feet have reclaimed their habit of splaying outwards. I’m just happy to be able to land again, I will worry about the finer points at a later date. Savasana ended up being a bit longer than the 10 intended minutes, I woke up after 25 minutes!

Rest of Saturday was taken up helping run the travel club, we even had one speaker from The House of Lords no less. I had decided to stay the night in the city at the lovely LSE rooms, no checking in problems unlike last month at that dreadful place in Hammersmith. Then a trip to the cinema to see Black Swan.

So Moon day Sunday and off to Primrose Hill, the land of ugly yapping dogs and combat pushchairs to do the Mysore practice with Eileen at TY. Well there are a lot of non moon day observant Ashtangi’s about is all I can say, moon day practice with a non certified or authorised teacher who turned out to be great with some quite different adjustments. Though some were done by the assistant I think, it’s hard to tell sometimes who is doing it, I can tell at AYL usually by the colour of the toe nails! Prasarita C was definitely Eileen I saw her hop from across the room when she saw me go forward. Paschimottanasana assist was a surprise, started off with a nice deep squish, my mind thinking this is nice, then she decides to pull on my feet and my mind changes to “ah my calves,my hamstrings” a mega deep stretching. A nice assist in Mari A seemed to make the B,C& D ones easier, yesterday D 2nd side went AWOL, today bound no problem. It was strange I thought I may struggle for energy 2 days in a row, but it turned into a decent practice. Supta K I was squirming my way in, then wham bam I was being assisted so just went with it, it used to kind of annoy me not being able to play on my own, but knowing that I can do it now if I get assisted it’s a freebie. Baddha Konasana was her next surprise asssist, she took my head way beyond my feet, that was great, it wasn’t even uncomfortable. Made AC laugh on the next mat as I crashed landed Supta Konasana, oh well… Pasasana on the first side is now so bloody close it’s frustrating not being able to find that extra couple of centimetres to bind it.

My wrist is definitely getting stronger, I started off doing UD against the wall, but the heating pipe was too hot, so I had to try some free standing ones and was quite surprised to , one have the energy and two have the wrist strength to be able to push up and walk in. The quicker I can get my hands that little bit further under my shoulders the longer I can stay up. Time for dropbacks, I was warming up hanging back with cross arms and bouncing off the wall, but Eileen doesn’t like people using the wall and soon came across and said “let’s get you off that wall”, and did assisted dropbacks with me though she didn’t stand me up again.

So a second day in a row getting a decent practice. Each practice is beginning to feel stronger now, less of a slog, I am getting further through before before my arms give up. Eileen was a new teacher for me today, but it was good, I enjoyed her adjustments and she made me laugh in Virabadrasana 2 when she said “can’t your arms go lower?”. It’s fun going to the dark side.


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