So no bad blood

I got the results of last Fridays blood tests today, GP said they were satisfactory and consistent with a patient recovering from a major infection and surgery. Nothing deficient, so my diet can’t be that bad or the multivitamin tablets worked fast!

So basically it is just a case of me being patient with my body, getting enough quality rest, healthy food, not overdoing my practice and TLC. Also trying not to get frustrated with my body’s current state of inadequacy, knowing what it is capable of, but can’t do at this time. Resisting the usual Ashtangi urge to push through instead of backing off.

I had Monday off, Miss Steelthumbs giving me a good going over. I practised yesterday and today, but my back has stiffened up since the 4 dropbacks I managed on Saturday, rest of practice is pretty good, apart from running out of energy and arm strength around Bhujapidasana, but that is an improvement from collapsing the vinyasa at Janu A a few weeks ago. 


4 Responses to “So no bad blood”

  1. Flo Says:

    Glad to hear there is no bad blood! And you are right about accepting where you are at this very moment, it can be difficult. I know most of us have been there to some degree. At least your practice is a tool to help you be fully present. I hope you continue to heal.

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks Flo,

    It is just taking a lot longer than they told me originally, I wish they had given me a more realistic timeframe, my mind was set on the 6 weeks they told me, now I realise another 4-6 weeks is likely. Practice is now helping the healing process, before I think it was taking too much out of me, yes I was probably doing too much.

  3. ragdoll Says:

    Good news about the test results. 4-6 weeks really will pass more quickly than you think, honest!

    A friend of a friend has just been treated for cellulitis in his elbow. I’m starting to feel like the bringer of bad news when asked about your progress, as I’m passing back the warning that even an otherwise fit and healthy Ashtangi has a very slow healing process!

  4. globie Says:

    Hi R,

    Yes I hope I’m fully back with the program in another few weeks. I think because they told me 6 weeks I probably pushed practice too much too early, thinking I would be back to normal by now.
    Hopefully your friends Cellulitis will not turn into MRSA & Septicaemia like mine and they will not need all the trauma and surgery I ended having. It does take it out of the body far more than I appreciated. So just tell your friend to take it easy

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