Going local

Last night I did my 5th full Primary in the last 6 days and I’m still alive to tell the tale, which must prove that my stamina and general energy levels are beginning to slowly return.

I went to our local Shala, well I say Shala, but it moves around between a couple of Church Halls and the Town Hall meeting room, so last night it was one of the Church Hall’s. I hadn’t practised with the local teacher since October, but just to prove the yoga grapevine is working well she seemed to know all about my infection and Hospital experience, though the grapevine works 2 ways, she was surprised to find that I knew who she had been practising with and where she was up to!

Only 7 of us in a small room which soon got pretty hot, getting hot and sweaty in a Church Hall sounds like something one of the Sunday red tops would normally be sending Journalists to investigate LOL!

A nice practice, though my energy levels again started to dip quite suddenly after Supta Kurmasana and getting through the rest of seated was a bit of a trial. If I hadn’t known who she practises with herself I would probably have guessed from her emphasis on getting the tailbone down and ribs in, she visits the “Dark side”! She did just about manage to bind my Pasasana, but different teachers have different techniques and I have yet to find anyone better than Michaela at doing this and getting my feet down.

My UD’s were not great, did a couple on my own, then got assisted for 3, but pushing up with that wrist and hand is still a battle. So to dropbacks, managed to land 3 safely and walk in a little. Being in UD from dropback seems far easier at the moment to pushing up into it, maybe it’s because the legs are engaged from controlling the drop and not an extra bit of weight my wrists are trying to hoist off the ground.Β 

At this point I began to notice how many people were doing up to at least Laghu Vajrasana, yet I seemed to be the only one who could do Supta K and Mari D and also dropback without help, yet there i was bailing out of 2S at my legal Pasasana stopping point. I could have gone further, the teacher would have been none the wiser, doing more at home is one thing, but doing it with a teacher in a Mysore environment somehow felt wrong, even if others were doing so much more. It got me wondering what would happen if some of these students had turned up at AYL or YP thinking they could just do their normal practice to Kapo or whatever, would they be stopped? Yes I know it shouldn’t matter to me what anyone else is doing, but…

So just under 2 hours from starting I was finished, a pretty decent practice for a Church Hall on a carpet. Looks like the striking train drivers are going to yet again screw my Sunday Shala practice plans, so will have to be the early train to TLC in the morning instead. Michaela’s turn to bind my Pasasana.


3 Responses to “Going local”

  1. susananda Says:

    It’m so happy you have a local place to practice, the way you describe it it sounds great and I’d be going there whenever possible! And congratulations on the run of full practices, now stop coveting the next poses just because of what other people are doing, do you see the irony?? Be happy where you are! (Don’t know about Hamish, but Cary would definitely stop the others.)

    I bet Mel and Emil will give you great pasasana assists, were you doing the pose last time they were around?

    I also find UD from the air WAY more comfortable than from the ground, and I often hold for five breaths now without fidgeting before I come up : )

  2. Jenny Says:

    Yay, you’re getting better Kevin! πŸ™‚ I’m with Susan, these classes sound great! Have patience… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Globie Says:

    Teacher says she is hoping to sign contract for a permanent yoga Shala in town above a coffee shop. I should be happy where practice is now, it’s been a struggle and continues to be so to get back to where I was post Sri Lanka and before the infection.

    I wasn’t doing Pasasana the last time Mel & Emil were at YP, i just hope I can get there some time soon with these poxy train strikes.

    I’m glad it’s not just me who finds UD easier from the air.

    Thanks Jen, I am making more progress getting better now, it’s just taken so long.

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