TLC again

It’s beginning to feel like a private club at The Lifecentre on a Saturday morning, same half a dozen people with Michaela. A bit of a heavy feel to practice this morning, I knew the first time I jumped back in the Surya A that it was not going to be an easy one. Standing is consistent enough, usual assists in PPC and UHP. Good job I got the UHP as I had no balance at all today.

Seated just felt hard, couldn’t bind the second side of Mari D and M had to help my fingers find each other in my favourite Supta K. My shoulders seem to have got very tight in the last week, it could be because I am virtually back to a daily practice and doing the backbends again, my shoulders virtually had 2 months off, now they are having to work again. I need some kind of remedial exercises to loosen my shoulders up between practises otherwise they seem to cumulatively get tighter and tighter with each practice.

At least M had no problem getting my feet down and binding Pasasana, though my aching upper arms and shoulders made it hard to get the arm round the knee.

Backbends against the wall, then 3 free standing UD’s. 3 dropbacks on my own then another 4 with M only bringing me back up, she says along with my feet returning to the splaying out habit, I am also bending my elbows when I land instead of keeping them straight.

But at least I am not far from being back to where my practice was in January, though I still lack the stamina and energy, I keep needing a little rest. The blood test results were ok, my body just wants to recover to it’s timetable and not mine, as Jen commented on the previous post it’s patience I need and not new asanas.

ASLEF are forcing me to rest tomorrow, boo


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