Another rug pulled out

Despite the Sunday train strike being settled I find I still can’t get into the city now early enough to practice thanks to Engineering works, it seems a barrier is being put in front of everything I try to do just now and just to compound the whole sorry state of affairs Michaela announces this morning that this will be my last class with her, she’s off to Brazil for at least 6 months, but won’t be teaching for a year at least. So what chance of getting myself to Mysore when I can’t even get 24 miles down the train track once a week to practice. I have no idea what to do about practice if this carries on. I last practised at YP at the end of February, it’s been impossible to get there or even to AYL ever since, except the one Sunday when I was in the city which was a moon day.

Just the 5 regulars this morning, no beginners,so a steady practice, help in the usual places, UHP, PPC etc, still lost 2nd side of Mari D but I did bind both ends of Supta K, though the exit left me gasping for air, there are still parts of practice that just wipe me out. I knew M would be waiting for Pasasana, she had me do it on my own, then came and bound me up, she does it so easily where other teachers struggle and make me lose my balance, I’m going to miss Michaela.

Backbends were better today, 3 alone dropbacks, then another 4 down on my own with help to come back up, though she assisted the last one down after my head won the race to the floor on number 3, oops!

I wish M a wonderful trip, but for me it’s frustrating to lose access to another great teacher at a place and time I could get to. Practice like life seems to be pulling rugs out from under my feet at every turn. Another tedious Sunday looms


4 Responses to “Another rug pulled out”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    so sorry to hear this kevin 😦 but presumably somebody else will be teaching in her place? I seem to remember you lamenting a different teacher leaving this same slot once before and look what happened then, you met M (or am I remembering wrong?).
    I really think it would be a good idea to get to as many of your local teacher’s classes as you can while all this is going on, you need the connection more than anything else right now it seems and that *is* on your doorstep (a luxury some home practitioners would kill for!) so it would make sense, at least while there are obstacles to your weekend practices? Have a think about it !

  2. globie Says:

    They are not sure if it will carry on, the numbers are small. It was M who left before, but ended up staying when her plans fell through, but this time she is going. 😦 she’s at last following her dream and I wish her nothing but good luck.

    I can’t get to either of the local classes this week, but plan to hit TY on Friday, though I’m still thinking about a late arrival at AYL in the morning,a fast practice then finding you all after.

    Yes it’s the connection I need now as you say.

    It is the connection I need

  3. susananda Says:

    Kevin, go for the late arrival at AYL, do not kill yourself running to get there, do a nice relaxed half practice at the shala and meet us for breakfast after.

    Mel – we had a note from Eleanor, she might be there tomorrow and I need to go to Spitalfields so I am thinking Pat Val breakfast…

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Susan,

    Ok cross your fingers for the AYL train, if the engineering work over runs I will let you know. No need to run at Euston AYL is only 2 minutes walk from there. Then see you all at Pat Val.

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