Prasarita C miracle

A “Good” Friday of 2 practices with E. And some time on the South Bank. I managed to get the for 7am, something of a miracle in itself with the crap transport. A surprisingly busy Shala, though 2 other Shalas were closed for the holiday.

Apart from a few prods around my shoulders, yes my shoulders still like to live up around my ears, I was left alone until Prasarita Padottanasana C. I have long ago given up any hope of being able to do this with my tight shoulders, usually an adjustment is just bloody excruciating and a lesson in survival. The other problem with it is that it’s virtually impossible to know how near or not to the ground your hands actually are. Mine feel like they are still so high, so when E came to assist I went into survival mode, trying to breath, while trying not to do the splits on a sweaty mat. E seems to have a different way of doing this, she seems to support you and stops the feeling of pitching forward worrying about banging the head, while all the time taking your hands nearer the ground without killing the shoulders. She takes it slowly and as I felt supported and it was wasn’t killing my shoulders I went with it, then out of the blue my hands felt something, “could that be the floor?”, I thought maybe it’s her foot or even the yogi on the next mat, but it felt like floor. After a few breaths she brought me back up and I just had to ask her if my hands had landed. “yes” she said, “it’s quite easy really”. She moved on and I stood in disbelief.

I went through the rest of standing still thinking about the miracle that had just happened, not really present with what I was doing, but moments like that are so few and far between that you have to enjoy them.

Seated went to plan, well I bound all the Mari’s and Supta K which constitutes success, I havn’t been able to get my hands through in Garbha since Thailand a year ago.

Pasasana time, a nice deep twist, then E told me my feet were twisting too much and need to be more grounded and to go and get a bolster. Shala hopping as I am forced to do most of the time means that I am never sure what is allowed with regard to props, some teachers don’t allow them, some Shala’s don’t even have them, so it never occurred to me to go looking for one.

Urdva Dhanurasana was a bit of a struggle, 2 on my own, then one assisted one before standing up for dropbacks. I know E doesn’t like people to use the wall, so I stood on my mat hanging back until the floor came into view and managed to land safely. Dropback number 2 is the reason I suspect that i am typing this with the crick in my neck I woke up with. It was going ok then “bang” my head got to the floor some time before my hands, making quite a bang by all accounts. The Assistant came over to see if i was OK, then helped me to do 3 more where my hands got there first, but was I glad to spend time in Paschimottanasana. But despite the headache a decent practice, but I really need to find a way of getting back the control I had when I came back from Sri Lanka and was doing dropbacks and spending time working out how to stand up

So that was the first practice done, followed by a rather long breakfast then a few hours down on the South Bank checking out the giant upside-down inflated purple cow, the Beach Huts and the lovely new roof top garden on top of the QE Hall.

Part 2 was the Vinyasa class, I had hoped to get to this in January, but as we know that went out the window along with my weight, strength and energy for the next 3 months. Well if anything was a test for the surgery and wrists this was. My first handstands in over a year, headstand variations that we beyond my dyslexic legs ability to follow, twisting standing balances, which were actually fun.this was so different to what we normally do, not knowing what was coming next, it was 90 minutes very hard work. Turbo dogs and Dolphins which kill the arms. This practice seemed to be about increasing strength, which was probably a good thing for me, especially my arms. I don’t think all the extra headstands helped my crick much, but hopefully I will get to do it again sometime.

Dinner in a Greek Restaurant with S and AC afterward, a nice way to end the day, dissecting asana. I thought Greek Restaurants let you smash the plates, though it was enough to lift the food up to my mouth, I don’t think I could have found the energy to break a plate.


2 Responses to “Prasarita C miracle”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Wow, congratulations on prasarita C’s landing… it is such a great feeling! happy for you

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks Claudia, one day I hope to do it by myself

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