I name a new pose

All the “fun” happened in standing today. I do like a Teacher with a sense of humour and Eileen certainly has that, with her French accent as an added bonus. She adjusted Trikonasana A by prodding my left shoulder and pulling my hand upwards before leaving to adjust elsewhere with a smile after saying “Your shoulders need an holiday from your ears!” yes my shoulders have gone back to being up round my ears due to stress and stuff beyond my control and being back to using a PC Mouse all day.

I wanted to practice with E today to find out if Fridays Prasarita Padot C touch down was a freak or something that could be repeated. When I got to the sequence I took my time with A, then did a quicker B as I could see E giving a downward dog squash behind me, so I went into C hoping she would arrive and after a few breaths she duly did. Down, down, down we went, head touching the ground then “touchdown” for the hands, at this point something weird happened, my feet became unattached from the mat and seemed to rise up so that I was balanced on my head and hands with my feet in the air, I name this new pose “Prasarita Padotanasana Sirsasana C”. We both laughed as she said my Heals need to ground. So not quite as successful as Friday’s, but at least my hands got there again with no discomfort to the shoulders at all. 🙂

Some better Urdva Dhanurasana today, stronger, able to walk the hands in more, I think all those “Turbo Dogs” and Handstands in Fridays Vinyasa class made a difference,though by number 4, which had been adjusted,I had run out of breath, E asking if I was OK as I fought to regain control of my breath once back to earth. 

After a sneaky little rest and a vinyasa that to the trained eye probably looked like a Salabhasana 😉 it was time for dropbacks. I did a lot of hang backs today, trying not to repeat Friday’s loud and painful head banging landing. I was just at the point of going for the ground when I felt my hips being held, so just kept going, it felt like my own work, then she brought me up, we did 2 more, but each one was more intense as she took me into a tighter backbend landing nearer my feet before bringing me back to standing.

So another decent practice, 3 full practices in the last 4 days, with a half primary on Saturday.

Practice followed by a few hours with yogi T, breakfast, then brunch when we came across a cafe doing cheap Bacon baguettes and playtime in the Apple Store.

I need more days like today and less like the next 3, roll on Friday.


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