Traditional Friday

A very traditional Friday Primary Mysore practice today with Philippa Asher,  one of the UK’s 2 Certified Teachers. She is quite “hands off”normally, but today she seemed to want to correct a few things, particularly in standing. My hips needed squaring up in Trikonasana A and the mat hand moved forward in Triko B. In Parsvakonasana B, I had to get a deep lunge before taking the twist. It was quite a surprise to get the attention, when I have practised with her in the past I have only had the odd prod and squish. Alas she did not manage to repeat the PPC miracle of a week ago.

She was a bit surprised when I managed to bind on both sides of Ardha Baddha padme Paschimottanasana, as I can’t bind either side in the standing version. I was surprised to be able to cling on the second side, it doesn’t happen often. 

Despite being my Pasasana’s first Birthday, I couldn’t play today being a Friday in a Shala with a Certified Teacher, so it was straight on to closing.

I had done a couple of Urdva Dhanurasana without realising Philippa was standing behind me watching, she got me to do a few more, but with the hands much wider than I am used to, I didn’t seem to be able to walk the hands in as much. She left me to play in dropbacks, asking if I wanted help, but I wanted to have the time to play hangbacks and open my back slowly, which resulted in three safe landings.

And as for the wedding, missed that, but at least it gave me the chance for another weekend of 2 Shala trips.


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