Hearing one breath

The last two days I have been forced by transport issues to practice at home. Luckily it’s been quite warm in the upstairs bedroom with the sunshine coming in and probably as warm as the Shala was on Friday. 

Home practice does lack a Teacher and the shared energy, but the flip side is that I can hear my own Ujayi breath. I suddenly realised that being able to hear my own breath upped my level of concentration and the side effect of this connection was more heat in the body. At the Shala the sound of my breath is drowned out by background noise and other yogis with louder breathing, so any heat is having to be generated by the physical movements and not by being able to connect to my breath, maybe the answer is ear plugs.

A Shala practice tomorrow I’m glad to say, transport permitting, with Philippa again, though at least Pasasana can have a Shala run out to celebrate it’s first Birthday.


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