Padmasana free practice

Saturday morning practice at TLC with Philippa, who has taken over from Michaela. Only 5 of us, so lots of help. She asked about the strapping on my knee, laughing that she never seems to see me without some kind of bandage or strap ( last time I saw her my wrist was still covered from the surgery).
My knee is quite happy with the standing postures, a normal PPC assist, not the extreme hands to floor feet off the ground type. Usual UHP. 

The standing poses warmed my knee up and P advised taking off the strapping for the seated poses. I had to modify Mari A & D, anything involving half or full Lotus, but apart from that a decent enough practice. Pasasana she easily bound me and i got my feet flat 🙂 P assisted my dropbacks, I was doing hangbacks but Teacher decided it would be better if she assisted today’s dropbacks. 

My knee has improved a lot in the last 48 hours, moving it definitely feels better than resting it, but still not near being able to get into Padmasana 

Back to my Shala tomorrow, it’s been way too long since I practised there thanks to strikes, moon days and Bank holidays.


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