Back to my Shala

YP may have had a paint job in the 10 weeks since I last made it through the orange door, but apart from that it’s the same friendly place, familiar faces including a delightful nearly 2 year old toddler! I am immediately comfortable in that place, It’s been too long, I have practised elsewhere, but it’s not the same.

And how nice to have Susan teaching today. After taking my usual spot I decided that I would see if I could do standing without having the strap on my knee. The knee has improved quite a lot but the foot still barely comes above the opposite knee, so another Lotus free practice. 

Standing, tweaks to the arms in Parsvakonasana and a different take on PPC, S firstly realigning me to the right, which felt wrong, before taking my hands nearer the ground, she told me later that my hands were nearer the ground than they felt, but I need to ground the feet  more. UHP was better being at the front, it’s about being able to focus on something instead of the blur in larger Shalas.

Seated were the same as yesterday, modified Mari B and D and Garbha off the menu completely. The sun came out and blinded my bum balances, I ended up doing them with my eyes closed!

Nice help from Susan in Urdva Dhanurasana before doing a few more on my own to try and walk my hands in and intensify the backbend. 
Dropback time 🙂 , thanks Susan for not being on me right away, instead she gave me the time to play hangbacks and do 4 drops on my own, though she reckoned my hands were only just making it before my head. Then assisted ones, deepening the bend in the upper back, halfway and full ones with help to stand up. I need to land nearer my feet.

It’s worth practising at YP just for the lovely little massage manipulation in Childs pose after Sirsasana that all the teachers and assistants there give 🙂

A nice practice even if it was a bit restricted, some lovely assists from Susan. And you will all be pleased to know that after practice I got my “How to get into Padmasana lesson”. So hopefully when my knee recovers the Garbha experiments can resume in a safer way. Followed by Yogi breakfast. People on surrounding tables must wonder what on earth we are talking about.

I don’t think I have done real damage to my knee, it seems likely to be just a strained tendon, it just doesn’t like immobility, so no reason not to practice.


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