One week later

Well one week after the Garbha experiment that went a bit amiss and injured my left knee I am still struggling. For non yoga activities like walking to work and running for the tube my knee is ok, its a bit stiff in the mornings or after sitting at my desk for long periods, but in the general scheme of things its ok. Yoga is however another matter, Lotus with either knee isnt great, I think I may have tweaked the right knee at the same time, but not to the same degree. Either that or it has RMT sympathy and has come out in support of the left.

So practice is still a case of either missing out the Lotus poses altogether or doing something different in Mari B & D. It has made me work on the things I can still do, particularly the backbends. My arms are getting stronger thanks to doing the Turbo dogs we did in the Vinyasa class the other week, I do them most days now and I can feel the difference in my upper arms. Super Susan was also good enough to give me some good pointers a couple of days ago which made quite a difference when I put them into action last night.

Once up in Urdva Dhanurasana she advised pushing with the legs so that the hands come more under the shoulders, relax a little then walk the hands in, then repeat until I get as far as I can. This was very intense on my mid back, but it did result in my hands getting about a hand span nearer my feet than usual. I found it works even better in dropbacks where I have a much better curve in my upper back. The other advice was about the hands position in drop back, to try having them in prayer at the forehead which induces a deeper bend in the upper back. I could see what she means, but it seemed to increase the momentum of the dropback, though not to the point of a crash landing, but this all about the mission to land the hands nearer the feet, so that at some point in the very distant, next lifetime future, I manage to stand up.

It took me a couple of days to get around to trying this all out as I had been contacted by a Journalist doing research for an article she was writing on travellling to dangerous places and why people do it. I have been to quite a few places that get the “You’re going where!” retort. Though ironically I may have been to places like Tehran, Beirut and Damascus, but the closest to real danger I have been was walking past a bomb in a trash bin in Bangkok that exploded 30 minutes later killing someone else. I think she found me because I wrote a piece a few years ago about the resort of Dahab, I felt an unease there that was hard to describe, but i felt and later wrote that its proximity to Saudi Arabia, lots of foreingers and lack of security made it vulnerable, within a year the Restaurant I had eaten my New years eve meal in was blown to pieces, call it gut instinct or whatever but it wasnt a nice feeling when I was proved right. We did the interview last night, it was an interesting experience and I look forward to seeing the result, though it may not appear in an english language newspaper. If you happen to live in a city that has a version of “Metro” being given out at train or subway station you may come across it, if you do let me know.


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