She’s back, yay

Hooray Cary is back from her maternity leave, back from bringing the next generation of Paschimottanasana squishers into the world. It’s been 10 weeks of train strikes and taking my practice wherever I could since my last practice with her. I have practised in the interim with other Teachers in various Shalas, but I have missed the consistency of one teacher in one Shala.

By the time i arrived all the shady places had been taken, so i took my usual place at the front. The sun isn’t a problem in standing until the UHP balance. I had forgotten about the arm rotation adjustment in Parsvakonasana, though it was the Assistant who reminded me of this one, but mostly left alone in standing, apart from the shoulder aching Prasarita C assist, which surprisingly wasn’t as excruciating as the last time Cary did it back in January. When I came back up she was waiting to ask if my arm was ok now!

My left knee is still cranky from the Garbha experiments, so seated are still a bit modified. Triang Mukha assist followed by a Reminder not to be lazy about lifting and jumping back! That’s what I have missed a Teacher who knows my practice and it’s foibles and is on my case! She is still picky on my feet not being lazy in the forward bends too, their days of dossing on the end of my legs are over again! Nice Supta K bind today, helped by the heat. Also managed to do a Bakasana jump back from Bhujapidasana today for the first time in ages. A nice Urdva Mukha P assist, been a while since I had one of those.

Pasasana fingers touching second side and not far away on the first, but I was tired by this point. Somehow Cary brings an intensity and focus to my practice like no other, I know she will pick me up on the little things, I work so much harder for some reason.

Urdva Dhanurasana was a struggle, I was struggling but this didn’t stop her adjusting my feet, my knees and telling me to push up, but it did the job as I managed 3 OK ones afternthat walking in under the shoulders. This has been my project this week since Susan suggested a way forward, which has shown results in UD and in dropbacks. Dropbacks were safe today, well the first one was a bit iffy, my hands only just getting there, but after that near miss they got the control that allows me to choose when to go for the floor and not gravity, putting hands in prayer to forehead, taking an extra breath gives a deeper bend in the upper back and my hands land nearer my feet. I had done 6 on my own and as help hadn’t come, I saw her watching from her perch, I thought 6 enough and sat down for a little back rub and forward bend relief, but oh no, over she comes, “so how are your dropbacks?” she asks and we proceed to do 3 more where she assists me up, the cross arm half way thing, then another dropback, walk in, intense, intense, then up we come. Somehow I found the energy to control all these extra dropbacks, but we are back to the point that she seems to do so little to instigate the standing up that my mind is asking why the hell I can’t instigate it for myself?

Reminders to the end, “K look at the tip of your nose!” as I do Matsyasana and then “lift your chest, head down” in the final breathing sequence. Practice isn’t allowed to drift to it’s conclusion, she makes sure the focus and intensity stay right to the end. Cary it’s good to have you back.

An after practice croissant breakfast with K and J at The Gallery.

This may interest people in London who fancy yoga with more conventional music

Future Sound of Yoga


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