Deja vu Volcano

Well here I am a year after all the Volcano stress that led up to our Thai retreat with Kino. I got home from practice to find the news describing how the volcano is again throwing clouds of ash into the atmosphere, potentially screwing up tomorrow’s flight to Tallinn. As I type the cloud is heading for Norway, so I need you to all keep your fingers crossed for the next 24 hours in the hope that I get away for a bit of Ashtanga tourism.

A strange practice today in the sunshine, it started really well, left alone apart from PPC in standing and stopping to chant at 8:30 after Parsvakonasana. But Cary was after me in seated, makes me realise how easy I have had it the last few months while she has been away! After last week I was careful to slow down a little and do proper jump backs, then wham bam she’s squishing me in Mari A as the sweat pours in rivers. Bhuja nose splat exit, have not quite remastered the bhakasana jump back thing. At this point I hit the energy wall, no warning, no sense of getting tired, just an empty tank. Supta Kurmasana was an easy bind in that heat and I realised I was resting, I must have been there for about 20 breaths, before a prod from a passing Cary made me move my hands and lift up into Dwi Pada and Titibhasana before I sunk with a thud back on my bum before I could think about jumping back. I was a spent force. No rest for the wicked as i got a deep squishing in Baddha Konasana.The rest of seated was a bit of a trial. I had done Ubhya while C was next door, and was just about to vinyasa when she stopped me to give me an Ubhya lesson about what my feet and wrists should be doing, that’s as opposed to hanging on for grim death for the allotted count of 5!

I almost missed Pasasana I was so tired, but managed a finger touch almost on side one and fingers overlapping but not able to bind on side 2. But it’s not over is it, there’s the backbends and OMG were they hard today, it took me 3 attempts at Urdva Dhanurasana to get a good one, mainly because Cary wanted my hands in an alien position to push up which felt wrong and lopsided. I prefer to get up and then realign everything. Somehow I ended up doing 5, before standing for dropbacks. Worst dropbacks of the week, mainly because I didn’t get much time to play around hanging back. Cary stood there and told me to go for it, though I landed them all, it was a near thing with the head as I hadn’t got the bend in the upper back, so I was landing further back than I have been. There’s no let up with Cary, cross arms then another dropback, walking the hands in etc, but as usual she seems to do hardly anything to instigate the coming back up. Was I glad of the Paschimottanasana assist and the little massage, I considered calling it a day at that point, but managed to get to the end. A Pain au Chocolat and pot of tea yogi breakfast perked me up! The restorative effects of pastries must be worth a post on their own.

Definitely time for a rest day, enforced tomorrow hopefully by sitting at the airport then on a plane, then Volcano permitting I get to be an Ashtanga tourist again.

2 Responses to “Deja vu Volcano”

  1. Steve Says:

    Mate, somewhere in a past life, you must’ve seriously upset the God of Transport!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi steve well they can’t be too upset, I just landed in Tallinn

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