Ashtanga tourist

A pretty uneventful journey to Tallinn, incredibly efficient Immigration and baggage delivery,buses that come when they say they will to deliver me to a nice Hotel located 300 meters from the Baltic Beach. The first thing I noticed last night was how late it stayed light, it was way past 11pm and still light and was light when I woke at 4am.

It’s a 2 hour time difference from home, but surprisingly when I woke at 5:30 to go to practice it didn’t feel like 3am as I expected, the bright sunlight must have helped. Jocke,The Teacher was expecting me when I turned up at the Shala at 6am, he told me to take it easy after a day off and travelling, I was a bit stiff. The Shala is beautiful, located on the 4th floor of what I presume is an office building. A nice spacious studio, well organised with green dots on the floor. You place the top right hand corner of your mat on the dot, everyone gets plenty of room even in poses like Upavistha and Supta Konasana, no danger of crashing on anyone else. It took a while to get going, the room was warm but not hot and Jocke didn’t push the assists very hard. Tallinn seems to be an Ashtanga city, by 7am when we chanted the room had filled up. Jocke seems to get round the room he seems to get to
everyone with “those” poses, UHP, Supta Kurmasana etc, also a nice assist in Mari D second side, first side still off limits thanks to my left knee.

I forgot Pasasana, “bad man”, never mind there is always tomorrow and went into Backbends, even managed 2 safe dropbacks, then got assisted ones as well. So much for taking it easy today! 

I was back at the Hotel in time for breakfast, a surprisingly good spread, served by a hatchet faced Russian waitress, so that’s where Rosa Kleb went after the James Bond film, I wonder if she still has the knife in the front of her shoe?

Time to then explore this small city. It wasn’t really “sovietized” in the communist days, no concrete edifices scaring the skyline, but a beautifully picturesque Old Town, windy streets, Castle Walls, Towers, one of which goes by the name of ” Fat Margarets Tower”. After 6 hours of walking and exploring, the cobbles have made my legs ache and it’s started to rain. 

Tallinn has one of the most developed wifi networks in Europe, getting online here is a doddle, just turn your device of choice on and you are online, so this post was written on my iPad , sitting on Hotel Balcony with a mug of Tea or 2 and a rather nice bar of the local White chocolate, Ashtanga fuel for the morning.


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