Meeting the President

I didn’t really have a plan for today, so just went into the city to wander and take photos on another sunny day. I was wandering along and came across a crowd waiting opposite a building next to the Swedish Embassy, I then realised the Police had blocked off the street, there were soldiers guarding the entrance and any tour group that came along was quickly being moved on by the Cops. I thought there must be someone coming as a few minutes later a van full of secret service type people with things in their ears emerged from blacked out vehicles. I asked a lady who told me that the President of Croatia was visiting, Mr Ivo Josipovic, OK. I admit I googled him while we were waiting as I wanted to know what he looked like, having already taken a photo of someone else in error. A few minutes later the cops moved everyone on to the pavement as a cavalcade of Limo’s turned into the narrow, cobbled street and out of the second car Mr President emerged, waved to us, then turned and was shepherded into the building by the Goon squad, luckily my camera was ready to go and I hit the button in the hope of getting the picture above.

After that bit of excitement and a cup of tea I went back to the main square to climb the Church Tower, it’s a steep climb up big steep stone steps, with just a rope to help you, but the view from the top was worth the climb, only myself and a German tourist at the top. Great view of the square below, as you can see.

So a busy morning for one that had no plans beyond doing practice and having a wander. I found another Marzipan place, love this example of a “Full English” made out of Marzipan. I don’t know where the time goes when I’m wandering in places like this, though my calves are aching from all the cobbles.

Tallinn has been a lovely place to spend the best part of a week, but long enough, it’s small and compact, and completely over run when a Cruise Ship docks in the Port, to the point that I ended up under the Golden Arches for a late lunch as everywhere else was rammed, well I did sit at a table at one Restaurant in the square, but 20 minutes later no service, so I left. But the good thing about McD’s is the free wifi and it was while slurping my strawberry milkshake that the reply email arrived from the Shala in Mysore saying as long as I fill the form in, then there is a place available for me in October. A good way to end another nice day of a lovely week.


2 Responses to “Meeting the President”

  1. arturo Says:

    lucky shot. looks like he’s smiling at you. the marzipan treats look funny.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Arturo, one lucky shot and he was gone.
    I love Marzipan , I’m actually eating some right now 🙂

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