Where I’m glad I went

I was up late (for me) last night, down on the Baltic beach watching one of the most spectacular sunsets I can remember seeing in Europe.

So late to bed and then woken early by the alarm for yoga. I seriously considered turning over and going back to sleep, but even at that hour this far north the sun was streaming through the curtains, so I got up and jumped on the bus to practice. Slight problem as I had got on the wrong Bus and it suddenly turned left when I was expecting it to carry on, then didn’t seem to stop for ages, when it eventually did stop I was nearer the Shala than the other bus usually delivers me.

The Shala was quieter today, only 12 people, certainly no danger of having to queue to practice here. I had a bit of a stomach ache as well this morning, so took it really slowly. Jocke told me to make it about the breath and the flow today and not look for perfection in the asanas. I asked him why in PPC he does the more advanced hands the other way up, he said his teacher teaches it from the start to help open the shoulders.

Seated were much steadier today, usual assists in Mari C and Supta K. Also a great assist in Supta Padangusthasana, I certainly didn’t need to add in E’s Trivikrmasana to prepare my hamstrings for Ubhya.

My back was more open today, assisted UD’s after a couple on my own, then a couple of dropbacks before assisted half way ones and full drops. So after waking up and thinking it may be a good idea to pull the duvet over my head practice was a decent one.

Jocke had a chat with me afterwards, really nice guy, if any Ashtangi’s find themselves in Tallinn I can recommend him and his Shala, it also has nice showers and serves post practice breakfast.

Well this is the life, blogging on my iPad while I enjoy the Hotel breakfast, before going out to spend my last day exploring this lovely Baltic city. Yesterday I found the new KGB Museum, which was fascinating, including the booby trapped purse below, very James Bond!


2 Responses to “Where I’m glad I went”

  1. Linda Says:

    Nice to hear about your trip to Tallinn. I met Jocke in Kovalam, he’s really nice. Haven’t had the pleasure to practice at his shala, but hopefully I will at some point.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Linda
    Jocke was telling me about Kovalem. Hope you get across to Tallinn to practice one day.

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