After managing to survive the weekend with a tooth stump but no ache I was on the phone to the Dentist first thing and luckily got an appointment before lunch. The news was as I feared, the rest had to be removed, not a pleasant experience, it took him 30 minutes to get all the bits out and left me with a face looking like i was a Boxer not a yoga student and unable to speak without sluring and dribbling, not to mention 4 Mysore classes worth of bill.

I had “talked” to 3 people in the last few days about Mysore and all said do it, send the application in, so to cheer myself up I duly filled in the online form in my non eating lunch break and hit Send. Half a second later the instant reply came, but not quite what I expected. Basically it said that despite applying in the window that they are not currently taking “bookings” for places when I want to go, but NOT to send in another application, so I seem to have been consigned to the Pending tray, which is a bit of a drag as I wanted to get going with the visa and arranging the flights, not to mention working out when I need to hand my notice in or not of the answer is NO. Extracting myself seems a job in itself.

So home to try and eat something soft and swallowable as the anaesthetic has worn off my face is beginning to throb, but I know painkillers will piss my stomach off. I decided not to practice this evening, just to rest, medically this year has been a write off so far. Someone told me I need to relax my face, but at this time I think it could win me an Olympic Gurning medal.


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