Back at YP

After two weeks of having to revert to plan B, I managed to finally get back to YP this morning. Interesting train journey, by chance I sat next to someone on her way to do Teacher training at TLC, first time in all these years of yoga commuting I have been able to talk about practice to pass the journey. 

 It was busy when I got there, but for some reason people don’t seem to like the front row, so I took my usual spot. Sweaty practice with very little intervention. In fact the only real adjustment was in Bhujapidasana, when C adjusted the cross of my feet which left me stuck, unable to extricate myself into Bakhasana, C had me do it again. Nice to do Supta K on my own and lifted into Dwi Pada. 🙂

Pasasana is now back to finger touch on side one and back to overlapping if not quite bound fingers on the second side. A few weeks ago I had after yoga breakfast with K, she told me about a way of getting that extra few millimetres to get the shoulder further around in Pasasana . Today she was my mat neighbour and when she got to Pasasana, after doing it, she stopped to show me her method, which involved stretching the arm along the ground and then stretching the thighs forward before bringing the arm around the knee. I will try it next time I practice. It’s one of the best things about practice, people are willing to share, thanks K.

After Urdva Dhanurasana I was left to my own devices with dropbacks, no help with standing up. I did 5 on my own wondering if help would arrive, but i was getting tired so went into Paschimottanasana , at which point C arrived, I half expected her to get me to stand up, but she just squished me flat, though she is still on this mission about what my feet get up to in the forward bends.

C is the only teacher who adjusts the final breathing sequence, well it’s more of a tweak, as when C is in the vicinity, but not necessarily in view, my muscles seem to automatically do what they are meant to! A nothing special practice, but nice of the sun to shine on my mat in Savasana.

Away from the mat D-day is looming, no news either way from Mysore, so I’m in limbo. Much as I hate my job and really don’t want to go to the new place, unless Mysore give me some good news very soon I am going to have to spend 3 hours a day commuting rather than on my mat until I can work out a Plan C or D or whatever we are up to now. The Bus would get me there 45 minutes before my start time, after a 30 minute round the houses ride and a walk down a muddy footpath. The alternative to the footpath is a mile and a half road walk, and then the same at night, that’s provided I escape on time and can run the footpath route in 6 minutes to get the bus home or wait an hour for the next one. Yoga could well become a weekend only activity and being as it’s the thing that makes life worth the bother a lot of the time that is not something I want to dwell on. So come on Mysore send me some good news.


2 Responses to “Back at YP”

  1. StEvE Says:

    If you don’t hear anything back from SKPJAYI, you could send an email chaser to them enquiring after your application status. Just explain that you are having to make arrangements to ‘take annual leave’.

    Not quite sure why your Mysore trip is the linch pin to leaving that job though. You’re planning on going for a couple of months right? What will you do when you get back? Look another job presumably. If so, why don’t you do that anyway? There has to be better opportunities out there, than a 3 hour commute to job that’s making you very unhappy.

    Good luck though!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Steve
    I sent them a nice email last night and got a positive response this lunchtime.

    No point leaving the job and looking for another before going to Mysore, if they had said “No” then I would start looking, but I won’t think about it now until I come back

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