Mysore – Let the countdown begin

At 12:48 my Iphone email made its little noise. And finally Mysore said yes, I can visit the source in October. So let the countdown begin. I can start to plan in earnerst and not just in my dreams. How soon can I extricate myself from the job, though the longer I can stick the job, the longer in theory I can stay away.

Kino in August, Mysore in October, my god its like a massive weight has been lifted.


46 Responses to “Mysore – Let the countdown begin”

  1. V Says:


  2. Maria Says:

    Great news kevin – so does this mean you finally leave the “labour camp”?
    Exciting times ahead for you!

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    Yes I will be leaving, no way would they let me have a 2 month sabatical! Just a case of working out when to go, I need to use my leave up and screw another couple of months money out of them.Knowing there is now an end point has changed the whole perspective.

  4. Maria Says:

    Ah Kevin – its really great news πŸ™‚ Even better if you manage to get a redundancy package out of them!!
    M πŸ™‚

  5. globie Says:

    Hi M they have managed to worm their way out of paying any redundancy, so I am just going to get what I can, I still have 2 weeks holiday to take. Think I will stick it until maybe the end of August. That will give me a month to sort myself out. But just knowing there is an end in sight

  6. Nobel Says:

    Congratulations, Kevin! I can imagine that it must feel very liberating to finally get over the uncertainty and have a clearly defined path marked out for you, at least for the next half a year or so. How long are you planning to be in Mysore?

    This is really great! You are an inspiration to all of us rank-and-file-proletariats πŸ™‚ Uh oh, what did I just say?…

  7. globie Says:

    Hi Nobel
    I plan to be there 6-8 weeks, see how the first month goes. Yes it’s nice to see light after all the dark this year of illness, hospitals and the job.

    It’s great that people who practice at my level can go there and not just the mega bendy and Teachers.

  8. Ragdoll Says:


    Are you confident of the legality of not getting redundancy money from them? You could check with CAB if you’re dubious, or a union.

  9. globie Says:

    Hi Rosy,

    Yes we have been to see the CAB, it was them who told us they dotted enough i’s and crossed enough T’s to cover themselves. They won’t allow a Union, they literally have the money to stop it. They had a previous company which had a Union, when there was trouble they set up a sub company and all the Union members were transferred to work there, they then closed it 6 months later!

    I will be well out of it

  10. D Says:

    Oh what wonderful news!! I can’t wait to read all about your experience πŸ™‚

  11. Laura Says:

    how long did it take to get a reply? I am planning on submitting online registration for Oct sometime this week, as soon as I get the ok from work on the dates I will be gone.

  12. globie Says:

    Hi Laura,
    I sent the form a week ago, not sure if it was the email I sent last night or if they only just got to my application, but I got the confirmation today.
    Hope to see you there

  13. Laura Says:

    ok I just got work approval. Im going to submit my application to ayri tonight! I am looking to go from Oct 19-Nov 19.

  14. Laura Says:

    I have a dumb question on the online app. Do I need to get a passport photo to attach or can I just take a snapshot myself and attach that?

  15. globie Says:

    Good for you Laura, great that your work will let you take a month off like that.

    I just found a photo of myself and attached that, doesnt have to be a passport one. You have to also send a copy of your passport, and that will have the usual mug shot on anyway. I scanned my passport, make sure you save the file as a JPG. Mine kept bouncing back because I had made it into a PDF.

  16. Maria Says:

    Jeez I cant belive they wriggeled their way out of redundancy payment….. in any case Kevin, Mysore is the start. New things will come.

  17. globie Says:

    Hi Maria, I am not surprised, I have seen how they operate and treat people over the years. Mysore is a new chapter and what follows will be a new beginning.

  18. Laura Says:

    I just submitted my application!

  19. globie Says:

    Good luck hope we get to meet

  20. Laura Says:

    My fingers are crossed ! If I get accepted I will probably be bugging you with planning questions and general nervous freaking out until Oct!

  21. bibi Says:

    How fabulous! Good luck and enjoy!

  22. susiegb Says:

    Woohoo Kevin!! Lucky lucky you! Will be looking forward to enjoying it vicariously through your blog!! πŸ™‚

    • globie Says:

      Hi Susie, I better keep the blog up then LOL. Just mentioning that its finally going to happen has sent the read numbers crazy!

  23. alotusgirl Says:

    HUGE :0)!!!

  24. grimmly Says:

    Great news Kevin, happy for you, that your getting out of that job too and can enjoy the whole trip without the thought of going back to it hanging over your head. Look forward to reading your take on India as well as the whole Mysore merry-go-round

    • globie Says:

      Hi Grimm,

      Yes a lot changed at 12:48 yesterday. I have been to India a couple of times, but only for 2 or 3 weeks, living there for a few months is going to be different, not rushing from one place to the next.

  25. V Says:

    You should go for three months.

  26. Linda Says:

    Great news, lucky you!

  27. LI Ashtangini Says:

    Congratulations, how exciting! I agree with V, go for as long as you possibly can. I can only go for one month at a time because of the job (which pays for the trip, ironically) and it’s just not enough. The planning and anticipation is the worst part…. πŸ™‚

    • globie Says:

      Hi Sonya

      Everyone says a month just flies by and to go for at least 2 months. Yes there is lots of planning, which I am now starting. My only thought is what do people do the rest of the time, yoga is 2 hours out of 24.

  28. globie Says:

    V, that sounds like 2 months of Sundays! πŸ™‚

  29. StEvE Says:

    I’m really pleased that events have taken this course for you Kevin. That company sounds b-a-d!

    Regarding the 2 or 3 months conundrum, I would say that there’s no need to over plan & just go with the flow. You’re in a real privileged position now. Get an amendable ticket; your visa is good for 6 months, so you’ll have total flexibility to decide once you are there. Some people take to it instantly, but for some it takes time. We’re all different.

    I bet your practice will really take off now, because just the prospect of going always brings so much more focus. So, cash in on that even at this early stage. Enjoy!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Steve,
      It seems to have been a long time coming. If I had written a blog about that place over 8 years people would be astonished to see what they do and get away with, because they have the money to make it go away!

      I have been looking at flights on Qatar, you can amend them for Β£75 once you are away. I have one holding and need to stump up tomorrow, so that’s another job done.

      Monday practice was rubbish, but my mind was full of Mysore thoughts, last night was much better, I noticed how focussed it was when I got to closing in an hour.

      If you have the accommodation recommendations would be grateful

  30. Claudia Says:

    Great news!!! πŸ™‚

  31. Kristi aka yoga mum Says:

    That’s such exciting news!!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Kristi,

      Its coming together, Someone (helen i think) said that once we acknowledge our dreams and start to try and make them happen, things start to fall in to place.

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