Going Local with 108 to go

After a wake up text from AC I decided to get up and go to our local teacher down at the Quaker Hall this morning. I had intended to practice at home after doing the shopping, but home practice always seems to get interrupted by something or another. Very surprised to find 8 people already there, the In the Sticks Ashtanga community is obviously growing. Surprisingly good practice, C got my hands to the floor in Prasarits C, and I completely forgot to do PPD, only realising during seated.

It was a humid, clammy morning, so i got nice and warm, even binding Mari D on the 2nd side and a really nice Supta K, which C came and deepened, I am back to being able to exit into Titibhasana again, my arms are stronger with all the Turbo Dogs I do at home. I realised that apart from a couple of people, the room had almost a completely new set of people at this point, most seemed to stop around Navasana, so by the time I had done my whole primary plus Pasasana and all the backbends and dropbacks, pretty well 2 shifts worth had been in. C got me bound on both sides of Pasasana

The room has a carpet which C rolls up so that we put our mats on the wooden floor, after a couple of Urdva Dhanurasana I moved my hands back on to the thick rolled carpet, trying to use it in lieu of a Bolster to try and stand up, I thought it was jammed against the legs of the Piano, ooops as it slid back, but luckily stopped under the Piano, I realised if I had tried to stand it would probably have been a case of “A” flat yogi”, as I would have come up underneath! Will have to resume the at home Bolster experiments. I abandoned that experiment, did a couple more UD’s then started the dropbacks, safe landings 🙂 C came to assist my standing up, but her rocking motion meant it was impossible to keep my hands on the floor, I think next time she needs to let me walk the hands in a bit more, rather than rocking from where they land.

A city Shala practice tomorrow, but no idea which one yet as the trains arrival time seems to be a moving target on the website, let alone what time it gets there in reality.

It’s an auspicious day, 108 days until my plane touches down in Bangalore and I arrive in Mysore. My nearest and dearest are coming around to the plan, still explaining “why” isn’t happening, Mother is panicky, a few years ago I went to India and got really sick, then this year I had the blood poisoning etc, “what if it happens there?” she wittered. 


10 Responses to “Going Local with 108 to go”

  1. grimmly Says:

    “A” flat yogi” : )

  2. StEvE Says:

    Just remind your dear old Mum that an awful lot of UK Doctor’s completed their medical studies & graduated in India so, no problem (plus it’s a lot, lot cheaper to get fixed there).

  3. V Says:

    There is no Indian NHS, but all medical services are very cheap.

  4. V Says:

    Well, it’s not rare – I had a bit of a nightmare Indian hospital experience, but partly of my own fault. People get sick, or have scooter accidents, or actually take advantage of the low cost and get excellent dentistry in Mysore or laser surgery done in Bangalore.

    • globie Says:

      I have heard about people going there for cheap treatment. Though after the way this year started I have had enough ogf Hospitals for a while. I wont be getting a Scooter, that’s for sure!

  5. StEvE Says:

    My ears got blocked during my first flight over there. It got so bad that I couldn’t hear car horns (and they are in ample supply!). Had to apologise in advance to Sharath if I appeared to ignore him. It was B-A-D, and didn’t appear to be getting any better.

    I went to the closest medical facility to my apartment (an Ayurvedic hospital) and got absolutely tortured there as they poked & prodded around in my ear canal. The more I struggled, the more bodies held me down. It was awfullly painful and invasive.

    Since then I’ve found loads of places where the healthcare is second to none (found them, not needed them fortunately).

    So, ask around before doing anything off of your own initiative. There’s aways good advice at hand. I’m sure you’ll be fine though. Keeping your hands clean and being mindful of what and where you eat is 90% of the battle.

    • globie Says:

      OMG Steve that sounds grim and a bit Dickensian!

      Yes I’m aware of the hygiene advice, but the last time I got sick in India I thought I had eaten in a clean, hygenic place where the food was cooked in front of me. Within 24 hours was I ill and for over a month once I got back home.

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