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Acton express

July 31, 2011

I had to get up over an hour early today as the usual abysmal Sunday train was replaced by a Bus all the way into the city. We slowly made our way via all the intermediate stops then finally the last one done we headed in and OMG did he put his foot down, Acton to Euston in 14 minutes, I couldn’t believe it, this at last for the first time in a month gave me the chance to get to YP again 🙂

At last able to talk to my Teacher about Mysore, I think she is pleased I’m going and her being there at the same time is fantastic timing.

My usual spot was free so unrolled my mat and off I went. My body felt heavy, still gurgling guts and having hardly eaten yesterday I was soon feeling it, so deliberately slowed down so as to preserve the energy. Truly rubbish UHP. 

Seated were good, a VERY deep squishing in Triang Mukha, that was wonderful for the IBS, something moved and suddenly my swelled belly de-inflated to comfort, the powers of yoga! The Marichyasanas also helped, I love the deep twists, but just when you think it’s going well yoga bites back, Supta K lovely bind, lifted to Dwi Pada, managed Titibhasana, then a “splat” landing as I tried to jump back via Bakhasana, completely ran out of breath and energy, my neighbour did give me a nice smile though, before resuming her beautiful practice. The remainder of seated was a bit of a struggle and my mind was racing forward to the backbends, wondering if I would have the energy. 

I am now totally convinced of the starvation equates to doing Pasasana syndrome, having hardly eaten yesterday the first side my fingers were as close to binding as they have ever been and the second side they grabbed, much to my delight.

Urdva Dhanurasana was hard, first one was up and down, then I did a bit of ceiling staring before pushing up for number 2, down again for a bit more consideration of the ceiling as C went past I think I got the “just do it” look! I managed 3 more from somewhere, but each was subsequently better. After 5 I decide to save what energy was left for dropbacks. Unlike AYL where L is usually on me, C makes me do them on my own before she comes to assist, so I had done a couple before she turned up for the full repertoire of dropping back on my own, help up, cross arms, then down again and walking in, with a little talk about my head, which really doesn’t want to be “last”!

After the backbends one of the horrible slightly nauseus, dizzy moments in Matsyasana, not had that since Thailand last year, I suspect a combination of not eating and dehydration, but thankfully it passed before Sirsasana.

So nice to get back to YP, though what with Moon days, Kino, Sharath and Bank holidays this month I may not get back there again until September.

A lovely yogi breakfast after which went on until early afternoon, Sundays again have become everything that is good. Mel makes super Muffins it has to be said.



July 30, 2011

A second Friday running where I havn’t managed to practice, this week due to a combination of taking 2 hours to get home from work on the abysmal local bus “service” and having a bad episode of IBS, which started in the afternoon and got worse, with added pain in the sides of my lower back, is that where the Kidneys hang out? So I spent Friday evening laying doubled up on the floor until I eventually crawled the 12 inches into bed.

This morning the IBS had improved but not cleared,I even called in at the Colonic Therapy place while out shopping I was so desperate, but alas they had no appointments left, so I came home, unrolled the 2 rugs and did a full Primary, no I hadn’t realised it’s Moon day. Practice was hard, this one day on, one day off business is not a good recipe, it feels like starting from scratch each time. It took over 2 hours, and despite a bloated stomach I bound Supta K and finger touched Pasasana, though Mari D was nowhere near today. 

At least tomorrow’s Shala practice won’t feel like starting from scratch hopefully, that’s if I get there, as we are lumbered yet again with the awful Replacement Rail bus into the city. I just hope the bus is on time and that the IBS has calmed down.

Head sweat

July 26, 2011

I thought I was getting over this lurgy, even if I am still “chesty”. Sundays sweaty Shala  practice, then the rest of the day hanging out as the vitamin D came down from above, I felt much better. Then 2 days back at “that” place, under the bloody aircon,  which we can’t turn off, slaving like Battery Hens in our Cage, subject to the new petty rules they are trying to enforce. I don’t feel great and can only put it down to that place, perhaps it’s got “sick building syndrome ”

Practice has been 2 full ones since, Monday and Tuesday, but this evenings I felt tired from the start, I really wanted to practice, I had been thinking about it most of the day. Well I did it all, even just about standing up from a rolled up Mat on top of 2 blocks, lots of room for improvement, it was ugly and twisted, but I got up. 

But the thing about tonight’s practice was that my face was burning hot and my head was sweating, but not a bead appeared anywhere else. I can only conclude that the lurgy is trying to make a come back. I really need my practice each evening at the moment, but I have a feeling it may be doing me more harm than good.

76 Days to Mysore. 🙂

Apparently this was my 1,375th post!

Sweating it out

July 24, 2011

I had hopes of getting to YP this morning, though we set off late, no change there, the driver had his pedal to the metal and we gained back all the time, Then we left Harrow and sat and sat and crawled and ended up getting to London very late, so the decision was easy round the corner to AYL.

I couldn’t believe how quiet the Shala was this morning, even though there was a choice of spaces I was true to habit and took the corner plot by the window.A much better practice than I hoped after being sick, I suppose when you don’t have expectations anything is a bonus. Sweating the Lurgy out was good and I seemed to have the breath under control and didn’t run out of energy. Usual assists from Louise, PPC in standing, Paschimottanasana squish, Triang Mukha which I don’t seem to get very often. Mari D bound on my own, then a funny as L assisted me into Supta K while my neighbour did her Bhujapidasana , L lifted my feet and as I tried to bring my feet to Bhakasana my neighbour did the same and my left foot and her right collided in the middle with L helplessly looking on as we both crashed down laughing, my neighbour saying “Synchronised”. It’s good that we could all laugh, rather than be annoyed or frustrated. There is always tomorrow.

Decent Urdva Dhanurasanas despite not doing the wall warm ups, but no time to play around on my own with Dropbacks, as L was waiting at the front of my mat for me to stand up to do assisted ones. I think she’s on me so quickly to stop me getting too tired playing around on my own before she gets to me. Ended up being an unintentionally long practice, nearly 2 hours again.

It’s annoying not being able to get to YP, especially having found out this week that C will be in Mysore while I am there, but I enjoy Louise’ teaching as well and going to AYL has meant I got the chance to get into Sharath’s week that I thought was sold out.

Afternoon in the  Primrose Hill sunshine eating pastries 🙂 On the way the bus passed via Camden which was heaving with even more people than usual, many I suspect walking down to see Amy Winehouse’ place. The first time I have felt properly warm, apart from practice, having been shivering with  Lurgy since Thursday.

Though my mother is coming round to the idea of me giving up work to go to Mysore, she bought me some very lightweight Adidas trousers last week, she doesn’t understand why I want to go or the significance, I suppose unless you practice you will never “get it”. I happened to leave my “Ashtanga city” guide to Mysore laying around, when I got home today she had been leafing through it, the most significant thing she found was the Amazon receipt I had been using as a bookmark and exclaimed ” you have been planning this for over a year!”

So stiff and new header

July 23, 2011

While I was sick WordPress seems to have removed my header picture, a reminder of Bali and alas I can’t find that photo to restore it, so I decided rather than just leaving that boring yellow bar to have my favourite yoga cartoon up top instead. I did think about putting up a photo of my Mysore countdown App, but as it’s a bit of a pallaver changing the photo, I would of had to do it every day to keep up, I decided against it, but just in case you were wondering there are now 79 days until I land in southern India.

The Mysore preparations are well in hand now, the Nurse told me I only need a Typhoid booster jab, everything else is up to date, just a question of what to do about the Malaria tablet question and Rabies, eeek. I have had enough injections this year to last me a lifetime already, I don’t care where she sticks that Typhoid needle, as long as its not in my stomach.

Back on my mat today, very slowly plodding through, OMG was I so stiff after 2 days off being sick, the hamstrings immediately seem to lose an inch per day and everything else was tight. I couldn’t straighten my leg in UHP or get anywhere near binding Marichyasana D like I usually can, though somehow managed Supta K, but a dire failure in the lifting up Titibhasana exit attempt. Though like when I exited the Hospital I was able to bind Pasasana, starvation and Pasasana are obviously linked. Urdva Dhanurasana much better for a few against the wall first, pushing the chest towards the wall seems to open the upper back before some real ones on the mat, followed by some quite controlled dropbacks. At least I practised, so the Shala wont come as quite a shock to the body in the morning as it otherwise would have.

Lurgy asana

July 22, 2011

Wednesday evening I get home and find an envelope on the doormat, it’s my entry pass for Sharath, yay, I like buying myself my Birthday present.  🙂 Practice followed but alas dribbled to a close, I felt “off” and just thought having done 6 full practices and other extra backbend experiments in the previous 5 days that I was just running out of steam. I just felt exhausted.

I woke in the night at 1am with a splitting headache and aching. Thursday at work I ended up sleeping through lunch and my colleague said I didn’t look “with it” all day, the aircon, which we can’t turn off because it’s centrally controlled had me shivering, so much so that I was using the hot air hand dryer in the toilet to get warm!

I left work in the pouring rain then had to wait for the bus, which was late, so I was shivering, aching and soaked through by the time I eventually got home. A quick dinner and then I fitfully slept for the next 18 hours. Yes a sick day today, sod em if they were still just across the road maybe I would have gone in, but no way am I feeling crap and standing in the rain waiting for a Bus that has a habit of not actually turning up. Nobody I know has been sick, so I can only assume it’s something I caught on the bus from one of the snotty School kids.

I just hope I feel better by Sunday, 

Double yoga

July 17, 2011

I have done a lot of yoga in the last 2 days. After taking Friday moon day off, I practised as usual on a Saturday because I have the time, a long 2 hour practice. I am always stiff after a complete day off, but luckily it was a humid morning so i did better than expected.

Sunday it had to be AYL, yet more bloody engineering works screwing up the train service into London, ( I use the term service loosely, as it’s an abysmal service at weekends) no way could I get to YP, so just a stroll round the corner to AYL. A nice slow practice, not as warm in there this week, even though it seemed to be busier. I have expected the Shala to be much busier in the lead up to Sharath coming next month, last time it was rammed with what I then termed the “Sharath crammers” all in training, more on this topic later.

Pretty much left alone apart from Prasarita C, though I noticed I became a lot more focussed when an “Authorised” Teacher put her mat next to mine half way through seated! I even managed to beat the Teacher into Supta Kurmasana  :-). My knee is still very unhappy with any Lotus attempts, it’s the outside of the knee still that hurts, so still poses like Mari B & D are 2nd side only.

Louise let me do 3 dropbacks on my own, then said enough and came to assist 3 more up and down, but standing up seems as far away as ever.

After practice Yogi Brunch, great to catch up with everyone and have a nice breakfast. I left with H and on a complete whim I decided to carry on the tube to TY and do the Led primary. I thought I would crash and burn, but a sausage bap and Pain au Raisin were enough to sustain me through another hour and three quarters of yoga, though it was a bit of a shock to do 5 x Urdva Dhanurasana in a led class, I had actually done 3 and was laying there thinking about it when Teacher E came over, laughed and said “up up”, on the fifth she even adjusted me. She followed this with dropbacks. Fun to do a led, though with some poses I need more time to get into them, feels strange being told what to do, I was much more aware of what was going on around me, focus is external unlike in self practice when I am much more in my own little world.

I am having to carefully use up my vacation days before my escape, the company have a policy of not paying them when you leave, though they have yet to find out about my Mysore plan, so I booked off the last week in August, thinking that maybe I could attend an odd day here and there of Sharath’s workshop if people couldn’t do every day. I had thought it was already full so hadn’t even looked at trying to sign up and as I’m going to Mysore anyway wasn’t too worried about attending. Then the other evening I watched Ashtanga NY and just thought I would like to take part in something like that and after a casual enquiry found there was a space left. So from having no intention of going, then wondering what to do with a weeks leave, I now find I’m going to spend a week in the city. At least I will get to experience Sharath’s teaching style and voice before I get to Mysore.

Mysore countdown App

July 15, 2011

As the week has progressed I notice I have become increasingly tired, even though I had a decent practice last night, it felt “heavy”. Moon day today, the no guilt day off and for once I havn’t done any. This is due to reasons beyond my control, the crap public transport out here in the sticks and my parents return from their holiday.

Yoga has still featured in my day, scanning my shiny new Indian visa ready to make copies had me thinking about how many days to go. So of course I wondered if there was an App of some kind and of course there was. It was even free and let’s you change the photo and the title.

Of course it would be more useful if it just counted working days! Week one of going to the new place has made me even more sure that going to Mysore is the right decision. Apart from the abysmal journey and cost there is the question of lunchtimes, there is NOTHING to do, once you have eaten there is nowhere to go, there are no shops of any kind and the Pub doesnt open until 5pm.They are also trying to enforce a load of new rules when they need the Staff’s cooperation to get everything up and running again, this has resulted in everyone feeling aggrieved and pissed off and refusing to do overtime to clear the enormous backlog of work that has built up during the move.

I have been booking vacation days to use them up before I escape, I booked off the week Sharath is in London, though I know it’s full, but I may get the odd day if people can’t do the whole week. and of course in 3 weeks it’s Kino time.

This working chapter of my life is coming to an end, it can’t come soon enough.

My Mysore Ducks all in a row

July 12, 2011

The last piece of the jigsaw arrived today, my Indian Visa nicely stuck in my Passport signed for by my neighbour. So that’s everything, Flights, Visa, Accommodation, Airport pick up, Shala spot. Being a Virgo I tend to like to be organised, to know everything is in place, I still have a list of things to be attended to between now and 10th October, but that will be fine.

Since the Steaming AYL practice of Sunday, I have practised twice at home, despite doing it all, including standing up from a backbend, from a Bolster on top of a layer of blocks, it has been hard going,I just havn’t had the energy. Unlike normal weeks, my current circumstances this week are allowing me to practice as soon as I get home, but having only had a snack at lunchtime 5 hours earlier, I am struggling half way through seated.

The Labour Camp also finally relocated this week, I had to attend the new place for the first time today. Truly as someone who comments texted me to say “shiteville”. In the middle of nowhere. The bus takes forever picking up school kids and going round the houses, I am out of the house an extra 2 hours as the only bus that can get me there, gets there 35 minutes before my start time after a 40 minute journey. When it’s time to escape I have to literally run to catch the bus, or face standing at the stop for another hour, I just made it tonight. Mysore can’t come soon enough.


July 10, 2011

Ganesh remover of obstacles.

I thought it was the Radiator, but it was me, steaming. AYL was a Sauna this morning, I knew I was heading there when the train finally got to the city nearly 20 minutes late, so just a walk round the corner rather than an Olympic sprint through the underground. The heat surprised me as it wasn’t very busy when I started, a choice of mat plots, but despite the choice I am a creature of habit and headed for the corner by the window.

A good strong practice, with the odd prod from Louise and Michael in standing, Parsvakonasana B was an assist you don’t get very often, but I like being taken deeper into the twists.Usual UHP assist. Seated pretty much left alone, managed to do Mari B on both sides, though D on the second side is still impossible with my knee. Couldn’t beat the Teacher into Supta K, I could sense someone behind me as I was Kurmasana and knew help was coming. I only knew it was Michael adjusting me as he was the one who didn’t have pink toe nails! Apart from Baddha Konasana assist left to it. I tried to be slower and more definite, not faffing, but just trying to waste less energy. Pasasana on my own, fingers touching on both sides, sometime soon they have to find each other again.

Extra Urdva Dhanurasana’s to try and walk my hands in, then 5 dropbacks on my own before Louise came to assist 3 more and the standing up,making me work the hips and legs, telling me everything else will follow. I know what needs to happen, but making it happen is something else, though at least today , despite all the extra backbends the shaking after didn’t happen. Hopefully that was a one off the other day.

After Savasana I realised how slow I had been today, just over 2 & 1/4 hours, but a decent practice. I am going to have to make the most of my Shala practices from now until Mysore. The company relocate this week, I am scheduled to move on Wednesday, this means getting home much later, relying on unreliable buses and perhaps not getting to practice as often as I would like. I wanted to ramp up my practice in the run up to Mysore, but it looks like the opposite could happen.