Weekend in the city

It’s been a busy 2 days in the city. Saturday began with practice at TLC, a very small class of just 5 of us, up in the Loft with P. 5 soon became 3 as the 2 L-plate Ashtangi’s were gone inside an hour, leaving the 3 regulars to do our practice with lots of assists. Philippa has some nice adjustments, love Supta K and the Dwi Pada exit as she has you balance with hands in prayer, before Titibhasana. Upavistha is one where you don’t often get assisted, but P is good at widening the forward bend before bringing you up into the balance. I managed to to again touch fingers on both sides of Pasasana, P laughing saying “wait”, I asked her if it didnt look good, “no”, came the reply! My problem is that although on a good day I can make a decent go at binding my knees tend to head west of straight. But she easily bound both sides and got my feet down, so it must be coming. Lots of Urdva Dhanurasanas against the wall and on the mat before 6 assisted dropbacks. A nice practice, I have warmed to P over the last couple of years, I used to think she was too Iyengarish, picky and interrupted the flow, but having got to know her and her my practice I suppose, I seem to get a lot from her teaching and sense of humour.

The afternoon went well, first meeting my Mysore Landlord, before giving a talk on Estonia to a 100 people in Covent Garden. That went down really well. Their thanks was in the form of another book token, which is lovely, but I still have the last book token they gave me 2 years ago, Amazon don’t take them. And this on top of the fact that unless I am incarcerated by the NHS I don’t read very much, mainly because my sight is dire when the light isn’t good, so I rarely read at night under lights unless I have to.

I stayed in the city overnight, a lovely quiet room overlooking Tavistock Square, I could see Gandhi out the window πŸ™‚

A leisurely journey to practice this morning, the Shala was surprisingly quiet. Again quite a bit of assistance, which isn’t always the case on a Sunday. Suyen picking up on different things, like my feet turning out and my knees touching down in the upward dog transition of the vinyasa. She also talked to me about not binding the second side of Ardha Bahda padme Paschimottanasana due to my still injured knee. I think I need to find some kind of hip opening sequence, the left hip/knee used to be my good side, now it’s not, though there was a chink of light today as I bound Mari B in half lotus, for the first time since the Garbha accident. Second day running assisted deeply into Supta K. I am getting stronger, from Titibhasana I almost managed to get back to Bakasana, my arms held me up though I had to touch down with he toes. A nice squish in Baddha Konasana. Left to my own devices with backbends, though I could tell I was running out of energy, I just didn’t have the control doing dropbacks, I landed safely enough, but it was more like a Bridge than Louise’s Croquet Hoop!

So a busy weekend, I just need to find a way to use up all these book tokens, the other problem out here in the sticks is that we no longer have a bookshop


2 Responses to “Weekend in the city”

  1. susiegb Says:

    You’ll have plenty of daylight hours for reading in Mysore … πŸ™‚

    How were you meeting your Mysore landlord in London?!!

  2. Globie Says:

    Hi Susie

    Yes will have to find some books to take

    Landlord currently living in London while his parents run the Mysore Guesthouse

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