Back to January

It’s been over 6 months since I came back from Sri Lanka, able to stand up from backbend, from just a Bolster on a block. Since restarting dropbacks in April after the elongated illness wiped me out and turned by arms to jelly, it’s seemed like I would never get back to where I was. A couple of weeks ago i started trying to stand up from my Futon bed, and then once I could do that started trying to stand from my Bolster on top of 2 layers of Blocks. That was a bit too low. But tonight after warming up on the Futon I managed to stand from the Bolster on top of the blocks, once I managed to coordinate the breath and hips and re remembered the “head last” mantra. This is about technique and neural patterns. I had them and lost them back in January and am finding them again in July. I had some energy so figured I would try and dispense with the Bolster and pile up my 3 Blocks against the wall and was shocked to come up to standing, though I know I twisted. I tried again and wooo hoo up I came, so at last I am back to where I was in January, the floor is just 150mm lower down, but it may as well be 150 feet, it’s a long way, but I have come a long way, but there is always a long way to go with this practice.

It’s about belief, I had little in January, but others had it for me and told me it would come back and things would get better, to believe my energy, strength and practice would return and my Mysore dream would come true. 98 days now until I land in Mysore 🙂


12 Responses to “Back to January”

  1. StEvE Says:

    Nice one Kevin. Keep walking those hands towards the heels in Urdhva D., and rocking a few times everyday. You’ll soon access those hips & shoulders (which is probably what’s holding you back at the moment), and 150mm will dissolve. Sooner or later the hands start peeling off the mat and, gravity? There is no gravity. It’s quite magical.

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Steve,
      I can walk my hands in quite a way now, but still get a much deeper bend, especially in the upper back from doing backbend from dropback, my hips feel higher too. It’s the weirdest feeling when you come up without help, even when you still have 150mm to go. I have been trying the rocking again after seeing Kino’s YouTube video, but my hands are still glued to the floor. One day..

      • StEvE Says:

        Hi Kev,

        I would stick with the rocking, even if hands are ‘glued to the floor’. It chomps away at the tightness in your body like a plumber tweaking a rusty pipe; much better than brute strength & ignorance, which is the way we tend to approach a lot of things initially (us guys that is).

        Another great point of focus (probably as important as keeping your head back, as you rightly said), is the all important INHALE. I used to stop inhaling, even at the 80% there mark, and I would plop right back down, but if you draw in a nice long breath, you will soon be riding it all way upright.

        Others may tell you different, but this was certainly what i experienced.

        Hope it helps.

  2. D Says:

    You’re right that it’s about ‘technique and neural patterns’, I feel like a lost tourist trying to decipher the vague and opaque map that is the sacrum right now, but am hopeful that it will ‘click’ one day after regular practice. Congrats on getting back to January levels, now to prepare for Mysore!

  3. susiegb Says:

    Congratulations Kevin … 🙂 I can only dream about doing dropbacks and standing up – being still unable to lift up into urdhva d … (and that’s without my current meniscus issue that has completely grounded me). But maybe, just maybe I will be able to do it one day!! It gives me hope, hearing about others!!

    • Globie Says:

      Thanks Susie,
      You will get there, you have the Teacher up in Byron who first got me to lift off the ground into Urdva D for the first time

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Steve,

    On the way down I run out of air and seems to be tha same on the way back up, but it’s the head last which seems to make the difference.

    I now try the blocks first so that I can feel the forward movement of the Hips and the lift, then try off the ground. My problem when I rock is that with each rock my hands slide back.

    I have watched people who have the brute arm strength just to launch themselves up, but I don’t have that.

  5. StEvE Says:

    It sounds like you might just need to regulate the breath a bit. You can do simple experiments by exhaling forward to hands flat by your feet, and then standing up on a nice long inhale. You’d be doing the same, only back bending instead.

    Yeah, keeping the head back is a great confidence builder because it grounds you really nicely (and keeps the heels down). Lovely head-rush too!

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Steve,

      I’ll give that a go when I practice later, see if I can regulate the breath before trying it upsidedown.

      Some days it really feels like it should be possible to stand from UD. Its having the confidence to leave the head back, of course if you bring the head forward too early then the back goes backwards.

      See what Louise reckons on Sunday

  6. susananda Says:

    Good job Kev 🙂

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