I think it was energy deficit, but I was literally shaking after I did my backbends this afternoon. The when to eat and how much and what to eat dilemma. As you know I usually practice in the evening, a couple of hours after dinner, I do a full practice, ok some poses are a bit more challenging like the Marichysanas after Dinner, but for the most part it works.

On Fridays I have a packed lunch at work, just some sandwiches and a slice of Flapjack around 12:30. We finish early on Fridays,  I get home just after 4pm and get straight on my mat, figuring I should be lighter and bendier with a virtually empty stomach. Fridays is also the day I do lots of extra stuff, after a regular practice to Navasana I do second series backbends, handstands, Turbo dogs, all the fun stuff I don’t get to do usually, all in aid of the backbends, strengthening my arms to hold me up and opening my upper back, I love the nice “crack” I can get in the upper back in Salabhasana B. 

Then it’s time for Urdva Dhanurasana, first against the wall, then a few more than 3 on the mat, before standing up for dropbacks and now the additional standing up experiments. My ground rocking is coming along, but I need to get the breath synchronised, I seem to rock faster than I breathe. I decided to try and dropback and stand up from my Bolster, a height of about 2 & 1/2 Blocks. My hope is that at some point I will stand up from my blocks or Bolster then the muscle memory will stay long enough to do it off the ground, I feel like I need to feel the sensation, so that everything knows what it is supposed to do and where it is supposed to go. Anyway I dropped onto the Bolster and had to kind of force myself upwards , it wasn’t pretty, I stood up but elegant it wasn’t, I tried again, same result, nought out of ten for artistic impression !

After the Bolster I did 3 dropbacks to  the floor, walking in and trying to rock. After I lowered myself down after number 3 I realised I was shaking, everything really shaking, like a car that’s sputtering along on the final few splashes of petrol, I was wiped out. I did the Paschimottanasana then decided Savasana was the only real next option. Clearly my light lunch wasn’t enough to fuel a 75 minute Ashtanga backbend fest.

I have never had this kind of shaking at the Shala, despite the intensity of the practice in hot house conditions, afterwards sometimes I feel a bit spaced,I expect to be a bit tired.At the Shala it’s usually around 10hours after i have eaten the previous evening,yet I don’t end up shaking like a jelly, so why, I don’t know, maybe a one off.


7 Responses to “Shaking”

  1. D Says:

    We’re different everyday so perhaps today was just an ‘off’ day for your body, energy-wise. My teacher once remarked that shaking in postures usually stems from pain or an emotional release but in this case I guess it could also be a lack of fuel.

    • Globie Says:

      Hi D,

      I can’t remember the last time I was shaking in a posture. This was immediately I stopped, as soon as I was safely on the ground I just started shaking.

      Steve below mentioned it could be anxiety, a kind of release after what’s been going on.

      Today’s practice was shake free, but I was pretty tired after.

  2. arturo Says:

    dear Kev,
    it sounds like a low sugar blood moment; you could add some fruit an hour before practice.

  3. StEvE Says:

    Hi Kev,

    If this re-occurs, it could be mild anxiety.

    Some time back, I quit working for a company that I’d worked for for 24 years, sold my house & moved to Asia. I had the exact same symptoms and even got it medically diagnosed as such. These were big decisions, and I took them all at once because they were inter-dependant.

    It all went away when I spent a month in Mysore and then carried on living with the changes that I had executed. I’ve been much, much happier in recent years so, no regrets too date!

    To put it into the context that Guruji would perhaps use; ‘you are about to break out of a conditioned existence’.

    Of course I could be completely wrong, but those were my circumstances at the time, and I can see lots of parallels with what I’ve read in your blog over the preceding months.

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Steve,

      Yes there has been a lot going on in the last couple of years, which is now coming to a head. If anything I’m less anxious now I know what the future holds. But it coming out in the intensity of practice doesn’t surprise me.

      We got taken to the new place last week and that made me even more certain that getting out and going to Mysore was the right decision.

      Although I made more effort to control the breath today, I didn’t shake, but feel like I have lost some control at the moment. The backbends were good but the stand up attempts were dire, oh well there is always tomorrow.

  4. susananda Says:

    Yes you get plenty of sugar, but sugar binges cause the blood sugar levels to spike and then plummet in a cycle… so maybe…. or of course it could have nothing at all to do with what you ate or didn’t eat, and more to do with the quality of the breathing…. or maybe just side effects of ‘nerve cleansing’.

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