Ganesh remover of obstacles.

I thought it was the Radiator, but it was me, steaming. AYL was a Sauna this morning, I knew I was heading there when the train finally got to the city nearly 20 minutes late, so just a walk round the corner rather than an Olympic sprint through the underground. The heat surprised me as it wasn’t very busy when I started, a choice of mat plots, but despite the choice I am a creature of habit and headed for the corner by the window.

A good strong practice, with the odd prod from Louise and Michael in standing, Parsvakonasana B was an assist you don’t get very often, but I like being taken deeper into the twists.Usual UHP assist. Seated pretty much left alone, managed to do Mari B on both sides, though D on the second side is still impossible with my knee. Couldn’t beat the Teacher into Supta K, I could sense someone behind me as I was Kurmasana and knew help was coming. I only knew it was Michael adjusting me as he was the one who didn’t have pink toe nails! Apart from Baddha Konasana assist left to it. I tried to be slower and more definite, not faffing, but just trying to waste less energy. Pasasana on my own, fingers touching on both sides, sometime soon they have to find each other again.

Extra Urdva Dhanurasana’s to try and walk my hands in, then 5 dropbacks on my own before Louise came to assist 3 more and the standing up,making me work the hips and legs, telling me everything else will follow. I know what needs to happen, but making it happen is something else, though at least today , despite all the extra backbends the shaking after didn’t happen. Hopefully that was a one off the other day.

After Savasana I realised how slow I had been today, just over 2 & 1/4 hours, but a decent practice. I am going to have to make the most of my Shala practices from now until Mysore. The company relocate this week, I am scheduled to move on Wednesday, this means getting home much later, relying on unreliable buses and perhaps not getting to practice as often as I would like. I wanted to ramp up my practice in the run up to Mysore, but it looks like the opposite could happen.


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