Mysore countdown App

As the week has progressed I notice I have become increasingly tired, even though I had a decent practice last night, it felt “heavy”. Moon day today, the no guilt day off and for once I havn’t done any. This is due to reasons beyond my control, the crap public transport out here in the sticks and my parents return from their holiday.

Yoga has still featured in my day, scanning my shiny new Indian visa ready to make copies had me thinking about how many days to go. So of course I wondered if there was an App of some kind and of course there was. It was even free and let’s you change the photo and the title.

Of course it would be more useful if it just counted working days! Week one of going to the new place has made me even more sure that going to Mysore is the right decision. Apart from the abysmal journey and cost there is the question of lunchtimes, there is NOTHING to do, once you have eaten there is nowhere to go, there are no shops of any kind and the Pub doesnt open until 5pm.They are also trying to enforce a load of new rules when they need the Staff’s cooperation to get everything up and running again, this has resulted in everyone feeling aggrieved and pissed off and refusing to do overtime to clear the enormous backlog of work that has built up during the move.

I have been booking vacation days to use them up before I escape, I booked off the week Sharath is in London, though I know it’s full, but I may get the odd day if people can’t do the whole week. and of course in 3 weeks it’s Kino time.

This working chapter of my life is coming to an end, it can’t come soon enough.


12 Responses to “Mysore countdown App”

  1. D Says:

    Oh my goodness, the apps available these days eh? I wonder how the developers make any money, if at all. Well, 87 days is not alot – at least it’s less than 100 😉

    • globie Says:

      Hi D, they let you have the basic one free in the hope that you like it enough to then upgrade and pay for the full all singing and dancing version.
      Yep now 86 is less than 100 🙂

  2. V Says:

    Are you sure Sharath’s is full? I seem to remember a note on the blackboard saying there were 10 spaces left.

  3. Clare Says:

    It deffo still said 10 places on Thursday this week.

  4. Ursula Says:

    This is all so exciting…

    So good that your job will end soon. You’ll feel like flying….


  5. alotusgirl Says:

    Probably both!! xx

  6. globie Says:

    Hi V,
    There was a space for me, Anna confirmed it

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