Double yoga

I have done a lot of yoga in the last 2 days. After taking Friday moon day off, I practised as usual on a Saturday because I have the time, a long 2 hour practice. I am always stiff after a complete day off, but luckily it was a humid morning so i did better than expected.

Sunday it had to be AYL, yet more bloody engineering works screwing up the train service into London, ( I use the term service loosely, as it’s an abysmal service at weekends) no way could I get to YP, so just a stroll round the corner to AYL. A nice slow practice, not as warm in there this week, even though it seemed to be busier. I have expected the Shala to be much busier in the lead up to Sharath coming next month, last time it was rammed with what I then termed the “Sharath crammers” all in training, more on this topic later.

Pretty much left alone apart from Prasarita C, though I noticed I became a lot more focussed when an “Authorised” Teacher put her mat next to mine half way through seated! I even managed to beat the Teacher into Supta Kurmasana  :-). My knee is still very unhappy with any Lotus attempts, it’s the outside of the knee still that hurts, so still poses like Mari B & D are 2nd side only.

Louise let me do 3 dropbacks on my own, then said enough and came to assist 3 more up and down, but standing up seems as far away as ever.

After practice Yogi Brunch, great to catch up with everyone and have a nice breakfast. I left with H and on a complete whim I decided to carry on the tube to TY and do the Led primary. I thought I would crash and burn, but a sausage bap and Pain au Raisin were enough to sustain me through another hour and three quarters of yoga, though it was a bit of a shock to do 5 x Urdva Dhanurasana in a led class, I had actually done 3 and was laying there thinking about it when Teacher E came over, laughed and said “up up”, on the fifth she even adjusted me. She followed this with dropbacks. Fun to do a led, though with some poses I need more time to get into them, feels strange being told what to do, I was much more aware of what was going on around me, focus is external unlike in self practice when I am much more in my own little world.

I am having to carefully use up my vacation days before my escape, the company have a policy of not paying them when you leave, though they have yet to find out about my Mysore plan, so I booked off the last week in August, thinking that maybe I could attend an odd day here and there of Sharath’s workshop if people couldn’t do every day. I had thought it was already full so hadn’t even looked at trying to sign up and as I’m going to Mysore anyway wasn’t too worried about attending. Then the other evening I watched Ashtanga NY and just thought I would like to take part in something like that and after a casual enquiry found there was a space left. So from having no intention of going, then wondering what to do with a weeks leave, I now find I’m going to spend a week in the city. At least I will get to experience Sharath’s teaching style and voice before I get to Mysore.


4 Responses to “Double yoga”

  1. susiegb Says:

    Kevin, I am sure it must be illegal for a company not to pay out accrued leave when a staff member leaves! Sick leave and flextime are a different matter, but – I am astounded any company in the UK could get away with not paying out untaken leave … Are you sure?!!

    Mind you, it’s a wonderful opportunity to do a week’s workshop with Sharath … 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Susie
    The Co seem to be able to get away with murder when it comes to employment law, or on the odd occassion they have been challenged they have the money to make it go away. Our contracts actually say any accrued leave must be taken, so like with the relocation they have screwed us.

    Sharath will be fun

  3. daydreamingmel Says:

    you make it sound like you work for the mafia….!!

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