Lurgy asana

Wednesday evening I get home and find an envelope on the doormat, it’s my entry pass for Sharath, yay, I like buying myself my Birthday present.  🙂 Practice followed but alas dribbled to a close, I felt “off” and just thought having done 6 full practices and other extra backbend experiments in the previous 5 days that I was just running out of steam. I just felt exhausted.

I woke in the night at 1am with a splitting headache and aching. Thursday at work I ended up sleeping through lunch and my colleague said I didn’t look “with it” all day, the aircon, which we can’t turn off because it’s centrally controlled had me shivering, so much so that I was using the hot air hand dryer in the toilet to get warm!

I left work in the pouring rain then had to wait for the bus, which was late, so I was shivering, aching and soaked through by the time I eventually got home. A quick dinner and then I fitfully slept for the next 18 hours. Yes a sick day today, sod em if they were still just across the road maybe I would have gone in, but no way am I feeling crap and standing in the rain waiting for a Bus that has a habit of not actually turning up. Nobody I know has been sick, so I can only assume it’s something I caught on the bus from one of the snotty School kids.

I just hope I feel better by Sunday, 


4 Responses to “Lurgy asana”

  1. Maria Says:

    get well soon kev.. and wear a hoodie in the office to keep the evil air con away! I’d to do that in my last job, coz the place used to be freezing!!

  2. Maria Says:

    ur leaving soon… screw it ! 🙂

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