So stiff and new header

While I was sick WordPress seems to have removed my header picture, a reminder of Bali and alas I can’t find that photo to restore it, so I decided rather than just leaving that boring yellow bar to have my favourite yoga cartoon up top instead. I did think about putting up a photo of my Mysore countdown App, but as it’s a bit of a pallaver changing the photo, I would of had to do it every day to keep up, I decided against it, but just in case you were wondering there are now 79 days until I land in southern India.

The Mysore preparations are well in hand now, the Nurse told me I only need a Typhoid booster jab, everything else is up to date, just a question of what to do about the Malaria tablet question and Rabies, eeek. I have had enough injections this year to last me a lifetime already, I don’t care where she sticks that Typhoid needle, as long as its not in my stomach.

Back on my mat today, very slowly plodding through, OMG was I so stiff after 2 days off being sick, the hamstrings immediately seem to lose an inch per day and everything else was tight. I couldn’t straighten my leg in UHP or get anywhere near binding Marichyasana D like I usually can, though somehow managed Supta K, but a dire failure in the lifting up Titibhasana exit attempt. Though like when I exited the Hospital I was able to bind Pasasana, starvation and Pasasana are obviously linked. Urdva Dhanurasana much better for a few against the wall first, pushing the chest towards the wall seems to open the upper back before some real ones on the mat, followed by some quite controlled dropbacks. At least I practised, so the Shala wont come as quite a shock to the body in the morning as it otherwise would have.


2 Responses to “So stiff and new header”

  1. susananda Says:

    Starvation and pasasana are linked lol… I have to agree.

    See you in the morning hopefully!

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