Sweating it out

I had hopes of getting to YP this morning, though we set off late, no change there, the driver had his pedal to the metal and we gained back all the time, Then we left Harrow and sat and sat and crawled and ended up getting to London very late, so the decision was easy round the corner to AYL.

I couldn’t believe how quiet the Shala was this morning, even though there was a choice of spaces I was true to habit and took the corner plot by the window.A much better practice than I hoped after being sick, I suppose when you don’t have expectations anything is a bonus. Sweating the Lurgy out was good and I seemed to have the breath under control and didn’t run out of energy. Usual assists from Louise, PPC in standing, Paschimottanasana squish, Triang Mukha which I don’t seem to get very often. Mari D bound on my own, then a funny as L assisted me into Supta K while my neighbour did her Bhujapidasana , L lifted my feet and as I tried to bring my feet to Bhakasana my neighbour did the same and my left foot and her right collided in the middle with L helplessly looking on as we both crashed down laughing, my neighbour saying “Synchronised”. It’s good that we could all laugh, rather than be annoyed or frustrated. There is always tomorrow.

Decent Urdva Dhanurasanas despite not doing the wall warm ups, but no time to play around on my own with Dropbacks, as L was waiting at the front of my mat for me to stand up to do assisted ones. I think she’s on me so quickly to stop me getting too tired playing around on my own before she gets to me. Ended up being an unintentionally long practice, nearly 2 hours again.

It’s annoying not being able to get to YP, especially having found out this week that C will be in Mysore while I am there, but I enjoy Louise’ teaching as well and going to AYL has meant I got the chance to get into Sharath’s week that I thought was sold out.

Afternoon in the  Primrose Hill sunshine eating pastries 🙂 On the way the bus passed via Camden which was heaving with even more people than usual, many I suspect walking down to see Amy Winehouse’ place. The first time I have felt properly warm, apart from practice, having been shivering with  Lurgy since Thursday.

Though my mother is coming round to the idea of me giving up work to go to Mysore, she bought me some very lightweight Adidas trousers last week, she doesn’t understand why I want to go or the significance, I suppose unless you practice you will never “get it”. I happened to leave my “Ashtanga city” guide to Mysore laying around, when I got home today she had been leafing through it, the most significant thing she found was the Amazon receipt I had been using as a bookmark and exclaimed ” you have been planning this for over a year!”


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