Head sweat

I thought I was getting over this lurgy, even if I am still “chesty”. Sundays sweaty Shala  practice, then the rest of the day hanging out as the vitamin D came down from above, I felt much better. Then 2 days back at “that” place, under the bloody aircon,  which we can’t turn off, slaving like Battery Hens in our Cage, subject to the new petty rules they are trying to enforce. I don’t feel great and can only put it down to that place, perhaps it’s got “sick building syndrome ”

Practice has been 2 full ones since, Monday and Tuesday, but this evenings I felt tired from the start, I really wanted to practice, I had been thinking about it most of the day. Well I did it all, even just about standing up from a rolled up Mat on top of 2 blocks, lots of room for improvement, it was ugly and twisted, but I got up. 

But the thing about tonight’s practice was that my face was burning hot and my head was sweating, but not a bead appeared anywhere else. I can only conclude that the lurgy is trying to make a come back. I really need my practice each evening at the moment, but I have a feeling it may be doing me more harm than good.

76 Days to Mysore. 🙂

Apparently this was my 1,375th post!


6 Responses to “Head sweat”

  1. Maria Says:

    Hey Kevin
    sorry the hoodie wasn’t an option! Probably because u know ur leaving soon too its making you want to get out of there with even more passion than before! Soon you’ll be in india 🙂
    BTW I’m wondering did u ever get a diagnosis for your knee?

  2. Maria Says:

    THANKS, even…..

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Maria

    I havnt found any reason that would make me want to stay, India can’t come soon enough. Funnily while I was off sick on Friday Head Honcho asked my colleague if he thought I was going to leave!

    I havnt sought professional help for the knee, I have just avoided everything that annoys it. It’s a lot better than it was, but still has a way to go. I can’t do the standing half bound lotus forward bend or the seated version, but after the Janu’s it will do Mari B though not D. Obviously not tried torturing it with Garbha, full lotus is a no no. I am hoping by staying off it completely that by Mysore it will be working again

  4. Ragdoll Says:

    Take it easy Globie! Can you modify things, maybe just do some of the poses without vinyasa in between? I can imagine the feeling of wanting to keep an optimum level of fitness and ‘performance’ in the run up to Mysore, but you need to ease off if you’re not well.

    And now I’ll just shrug off the feeling that I’m the pot calling the kettle black today, and add that I’m really sorry to hear the knee’s still not better too. Very frustrating.

    • globie Says:

      Hi R,

      I modified it to zero last night & was in bed by 8:45. I seem to be all or nothing lately. I am still modifying quite a lot for my knees sake anyway, but all the extra backbend work seems to wipe me out.

  5. susiegb Says:

    Ha, well as someone who’s been experiencing a ‘knee issue’ for the past few weeks, all I can say is be very careful! You may well have torn your meniscus (as I did) slightly. Rest, and not doing anything that hurts is good! Also things that strengthen the leg muscles and thus help to support the knee. Maybe googling isometric knee support exercises might bring up something additional you can do.

    Don’t push it … 🙂

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