A second Friday running where I havn’t managed to practice, this week due to a combination of taking 2 hours to get home from work on the abysmal local bus “service” and having a bad episode of IBS, which started in the afternoon and got worse, with added pain in the sides of my lower back, is that where the Kidneys hang out? So I spent Friday evening laying doubled up on the floor until I eventually crawled the 12 inches into bed.

This morning the IBS had improved but not cleared,I even called in at the Colonic Therapy place while out shopping I was so desperate, but alas they had no appointments left, so I came home, unrolled the 2 rugs and did a full Primary, no I hadn’t realised it’s Moon day. Practice was hard, this one day on, one day off business is not a good recipe, it feels like starting from scratch each time. It took over 2 hours, and despite a bloated stomach I bound Supta K and finger touched Pasasana, though Mari D was nowhere near today. 

At least tomorrow’s Shala practice won’t feel like starting from scratch hopefully, that’s if I get there, as we are lumbered yet again with the awful Replacement Rail bus into the city. I just hope the bus is on time and that the IBS has calmed down.


2 Responses to “Inconsistent”

  1. ivanalindgreen Says:

    oh, sorry to hear about IBS ;-( not fun. hope it has gone by now and you are having a good practice as i am writing this 😉
    i have just read your post and got puzzled when you said yesterday was a moon day only to realize that i have put the wrong day in my calendar as moon day ;-( i did a practice yesterday only because i thought the moon day was today. ah well… what can you do.
    who do you practice on sundays – anna and louise? x

  2. Globie Says:

    IBS is gradually going, practice helped a lot this morning. I went to YP today for the first time in a month. Nice practice today. Though it was a struggle to get to the end.

    AYL have Moon day cards. That’s what I go by, when I remember to look 🙂

    Yes I practice with Louise on Sundays quite often. I enjoy her teaching

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