Acton express

I had to get up over an hour early today as the usual abysmal Sunday train was replaced by a Bus all the way into the city. We slowly made our way via all the intermediate stops then finally the last one done we headed in and OMG did he put his foot down, Acton to Euston in 14 minutes, I couldn’t believe it, this at last for the first time in a month gave me the chance to get to YP again 🙂

At last able to talk to my Teacher about Mysore, I think she is pleased I’m going and her being there at the same time is fantastic timing.

My usual spot was free so unrolled my mat and off I went. My body felt heavy, still gurgling guts and having hardly eaten yesterday I was soon feeling it, so deliberately slowed down so as to preserve the energy. Truly rubbish UHP. 

Seated were good, a VERY deep squishing in Triang Mukha, that was wonderful for the IBS, something moved and suddenly my swelled belly de-inflated to comfort, the powers of yoga! The Marichyasanas also helped, I love the deep twists, but just when you think it’s going well yoga bites back, Supta K lovely bind, lifted to Dwi Pada, managed Titibhasana, then a “splat” landing as I tried to jump back via Bakhasana, completely ran out of breath and energy, my neighbour did give me a nice smile though, before resuming her beautiful practice. The remainder of seated was a bit of a struggle and my mind was racing forward to the backbends, wondering if I would have the energy. 

I am now totally convinced of the starvation equates to doing Pasasana syndrome, having hardly eaten yesterday the first side my fingers were as close to binding as they have ever been and the second side they grabbed, much to my delight.

Urdva Dhanurasana was hard, first one was up and down, then I did a bit of ceiling staring before pushing up for number 2, down again for a bit more consideration of the ceiling as C went past I think I got the “just do it” look! I managed 3 more from somewhere, but each was subsequently better. After 5 I decide to save what energy was left for dropbacks. Unlike AYL where L is usually on me, C makes me do them on my own before she comes to assist, so I had done a couple before she turned up for the full repertoire of dropping back on my own, help up, cross arms, then down again and walking in, with a little talk about my head, which really doesn’t want to be “last”!

After the backbends one of the horrible slightly nauseus, dizzy moments in Matsyasana, not had that since Thailand last year, I suspect a combination of not eating and dehydration, but thankfully it passed before Sirsasana.

So nice to get back to YP, though what with Moon days, Kino, Sharath and Bank holidays this month I may not get back there again until September.

A lovely yogi breakfast after which went on until early afternoon, Sundays again have become everything that is good. Mel makes super Muffins it has to be said.


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  1. StEvE Says:

    Great new header Kevin. I recognise that cartoon!

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