Yoga Friday

Yoga Friday has been great, up early into the city, though not early enough to get to my usual Shala, instead it had to be TY with it’s elongated Mysore opening hours and the fact that it has showers. A long 2 hour practice with very little intervention, a Teacher I have never practised with subbing for one I have. A regulation plod through, help in PPC, then nothing until I was already bound in Supta Kurmasana, she got me to duck my head further under my feet before Titibhasana.

After a day off, backbends were a struggle then 4 dropbacks, but the rocking experiments were not a patch on Sundays and again no help until she squished me in Paschimottanasana  and again in Balasana after Sirsasana. In some ways it’s nice to be left alone, as I know I’m sure to feel the burn tomorrow with Kino.

A leisurely breakfast before a visit to the Indian tourist information place, it may be a shiny office in one of London’s nicer streets but it was rather lacking in information, when I said I was going to Mysore, I could see the “why?” on his face, though he did find a couple of leaflets on Kerala.

Accommodation this weekend is courtesy of Stelios, a cupboard of a room with no window, but it’s cheap and clean.

And finally back to TY for part one one the weekend with Kino, a talk on the Yoga Sutras and some of their meanings. A few of her thoughts;

Yoga is a spiritual practice that seeks to open the mind

Citta is the stream of conscious thoughts.
Vittri being the fluctuations in that stream of thought
Nirodaha cessation or stopping of the fluctuations.

Yoga is about stopping and finding equanimity, to stop running from pain and running towards pleasure

At this point Kino moved faster than I have ever seen her move as a Mouse ran onto her mat!

Yoga YOU do the work, but you should not be attached to the outcome of this work and measure it in terms of success in the fruits of this labour.

Samskaras can be a good thing, when good habit patterns are formed, such as that strange feeling you get when you have missed practice for some reason and it feels like something is missing.

Dirga Kala – long time

She said much more, but I suppose these are the points that resonated with me and where my practice is.

After Kino asked me how I am,if i have recovered, as I was still far from well the last time I saw her, she sees hundreds of students all over the world but still remembers. It’s not just as a yoga teacher that I love her, but as a person too for her humanity.

She also talked about the Mysore practice on Sunday and wodya know she is going to be assisted by our very own Cary, so no chance of cranking out anything beyond Pasasana 🙂


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